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“ Imraan Gazdar has made a second Terminator 3 fantrailer ”

GlobalArnold reports

Imraan's 2nd Terminator 3 fantrailer

Wed 11 Feb 2004 | 12h20 GMT+1

"Since my last trailer went online, I've been working on another one, learning from my mistakes of where I went wrong the first time around."

"When the first trailer went online, I knew that there were some flaws in it, but I found a lot more when I'd read articles on how a trailer should be made. That was, however, my first try at it, and I still feel proud of what I achieved with it. That's the main reason why I wanted to make another T3 trailer. After my first one went online, I actually made 9 other alternate ones, trying new music pieces, different moods (epic or all out action, etc). After several versions, I feel that this is the best one, and I hope you all feel the same way too."

"My inspiration for taking the time and effort to make these trailers comes from my passion for the Terminator franchise, and my love for movies in general."

Click top link for trailer!

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