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“ Gamers should be ready for a Sonic assault ”

Sascha Dikiciyan

War of the Machines music

Fri 6 Feb 2004 | 16h55 GMT+1

Searching the net for some more cool Terminator related music... we came across Music4Games, featuring and article on Sonic Mayhem.

Sonic Mayhem has produced a remix of the Terminator 2 theme that is featured in Atari's game, Terminator 3: War of the Machines

"Gamers should be ready for a Sonic assault," says Sonic Mayhem principle Sascha Dikiciyan. "The original theme is a great composition and I loved the challenge of making it darker and more intense to match the ominous vision of the future portrayed in the Terminator series."

Sonic Mayhem's video game soundtrack credits also include QUAKE II (ID Software), QUAKE III ARENA (ID Software), and JAMES BOND: TOMORROW NEVER DIES (MGM Interactive).

To hear a sample of the remix, go to the above URL and check out the link on the bottom of the page... or right click here to download it this instance!

For more about Sascha Dikiciyan and Sonic Mayhem, visit

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