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“ Well, if you thought that Arnie was out of the silver screen, that he'd never be back, think again! ”

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Reminder for things to come?! AICN Arnold interview

Thu 22 Jan 2004 | 00h32 GMT+1
Info: News send in by fan

T-850-81188 send in a reminder... of which we didn't even remember if we ever placed it in the first place. Way to go! We never mentioned this before on the site (as far as we know or have searched), so thumbs up for the repost/lookup ;).

T-850-81188: "I know this is kinda late, but I did not know how to contact you until now. This is an AICN Arnold interview that was mentioned on the Arnold Fans also. It doesn't really deal with Terminator, but this could mean Arnold may be in T4!"

Arnold 'will be back' in movies where we least expect it!

Hey folks, hey A.B., Harry here... Well, if you thought that Arnie was out of the silver screen, that he'd never be back, think again... You see, this governor gig is easy stuff for the man that brought that ugly mutherfucker to his knees in the jungles of Columbia. For the man that beheaded Thulsa Doom, defeated the T1000 and gave birth! Turns out that the fears of everyone that the Great Oak of a thespian would forever stay far from the screens of a theater near us... Well, they are unfounded. He's just got to "cut back" a bit. I say he takes a leave of absence from that governor's office to do something real and tangible for the sake of all humanity... KING CONAN with John Milius directing him! Yes, that is good in life!

Arnie Schwarzenegger was interviewed by the weekend magazine in the tribune. Its quite amusing to read some of his goals, directions for the state of California and what he hopes to accomplish as governor. There's a couple of bits of interesting info in the article though, relating to his film career.

"Next up, a documentary based centring Schwarzenegger's campaign trial. It's 'warts and all', admits the new Governor".

"No, I didn't see a reason to do Alien vs Predator. Everything is different. The story is quite different. It is a backstory movie.. kind of a movie that doesn't need any of the characters from Predator or Alien. I'm sure it will be exciting but it isn't an actor movie, this is an effects movie. My character was never in any of the drafts".

"The studio has wanted a third one for quite some years. It didn't interest because what was appealing to me about this films I did after was that I had a chance to play a totally regular guy, the way I am at home with my family. ... Where if there's a problem, they don't just come in like a steamroller and say 'I'm action man, I can take care of job'. I like the family men, I like characters close to myself. I always enjoyed movies where you see a little more about the person. ... I think maybe more so now than maybe 15 years ago, because we change. ... Fifteen years ago, I was looking forward to "How big is the explosion?" And the action, and how many people do you wipe out?. The studio (Twentieth Century Fox] are talking about doing a third Predator movie and another Alien movie after they see how the new Alien vs the Predator movie does go. We shall see then. If it reads good, and time allows, I could always do a smaller appearance. That would be fun. From what I hear, The Rock is going to star in it if it ever happens - and a new Terminator possibility - which he should, he is fantastic. He's a great actor, a fun presence to watch. Fantastic. We could share the screen sometime possibily".

"I say to people there's only one thing I would never do: raise taxes. I would never raise taxes, because I feel that we do not have a problem that we have under-taxed. We have a problem that Sacramento has overspent. All they do is spend, spend, spend. I never once said I would quit movies, I just have to do less. If the new Predator or Terminator, even Conan, have some new stars. That's great. A fresh injection. I'm not going away though - I could pop up when you least expect me".

Send in by T-850-81188 from the official T3 forum

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