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“ Got info to share? Know collectibles that need introduction? Got other cool Terminator related stuff? ”

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TerminatorFiles' problems solved!

Fri 9 Jan 2004 | 22h00 GMT+1
Info: Terminator Shopping

Haha. Needed a topic to tell you of some of the problems we are facing. Don't get scared now... we do not have to close down! If there are problems with hosting and other bandwidth thingies, we'll surely let you know.

But back to the topic... As most might know there is no more news available on the net... about anything terminator related. It could be that we are looking in all the wrong places, but what the hell; why not say it like it is... and ask the fans for some input ;).

Got Terminator related news?

Are you building your own 1:1 Terminator and want people to see it ...or need them to contact you through our site? Have you heared about some (online)shop(s) selling off cool collectables? Do you have an overload of bookmarks laying around that are not yet featured in our WEB.LINKS section? Are you having some superfantastic ideas... but can't seem to get them launched on the internet?

Well... you get the general idea. Got anything to add to the site... then be sure to do it!!! We are happy to help and it gives us a new incentive to add news to the dryed out database ;).

Got Terminator related collectables?

Checked out our new collectables database... but couldn't seem to find any of your own collectables? Know where to get certain items to include? Got any additions at all?

We do... but it takes a long time to add all the info we have laying around... not to mention the research for each item. So again, we ask anybody with some cool input... to contact us about it. And YES. Companies involved in providing collectables or other Terminator related items, massmarketing them to us fans.. can contact us too ;)

Every sender of certain item (news, info and/or collectables) will be credited in the applicable topic. This site is BY THE FANS... FOR THE FANS!

Wanna help out?

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