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“ Within four weeks, one month, this game will be going final ”


Terminator 2030 War Against the Machines

Thu 30 Oct 2003 | 19h20 GMT+1

Latest info on the soon to be release (official) miniatures game Terminator 2030: War Against the Machines.

Thanks for following along with me, Terminator gaming fans. Within four weeks, one month, this game will be going final. I really do hope that this makes "final proposal status" with the powers that be, if they're smart. The gamers out there are ready for something new, Terminator wise.

SO, stay tuned, watch for something new, and be hopeful. This has been/is creating a whole new genre, I hope. Thank you all sincerely; Thanks for the input(s).. I 'll try to respond to every new e-mail that I receive. This is truly a labor of love.

To the creator of this website, thank you for your support. You will be mentioned in my credits, as will others. To all: thanks for your inputs - they are insightful and appreciative!

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