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“ We are sorry to see him go of to politics, but we are Terminator fans, which means a whole universe of items to report on ;). ”

We are here to stay!

TerminatorFiles congratulates Arnold

Wed 8 Oct 2003 | 10h00 GMT+1

The Terminator Files congratulates Arnold on a job well done. From bodybuilder to actor, from actor to worlwide star... from worldwide star to Governer. A real success story! Whatever is next?!

15 million voters have spoken and chosen their own favorite from the 134 candidates... and Arnold has won with a great leap on others.

We ourself are not that involved in politics; not in our own country... nor in the politics of the US or California. In the Netherlands (where is based) these things work a little different... plus we can't but wonder about the fact that the registered voters in California constitute almost the same amount of people living in our own country (give or take a few million ;). We can only wonder what is up for 'us' next.

What kind of impact will this have on the community of fans? Will he be coming back to movies during his new carreer? Or do we have to wait till his term has ended and he's not going on for another?!

A lot of questions arise from the ashes of the votes, yesterday. The official T3 forum is exploding with discussions on the possible T4 movie, with or without Arnold.

Pro and con fans have their say around the globe, and we are one of them... maybe with a bigger impact due to our site ;).

Whatever will become of us, it said above; Well... we are fans of the Terminator saga. This means we are fans of the whole and collect everything that has to do with it. Maybe Arnold is not going to be involved as much as we wished him too... but the saga must survive.. 'or we will never be'!

Hahaha. OK. In essence this means; We are here to stay! For good!

Click top link for voting results!

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