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“ The longest single line of dialogue appearing on Arnold's website is: Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine. ”

And how it can be used, for handling...

Governator's oneliners

Tue 23 Sep 2003 | 14h50 GMT+1

THE-EDGE has placed a funny article about Terminator 3 oneliners that Arnold could use in his campaign to become the Governator of California!

Here's the complete article:

Hasta-la-Vista, Gray-by!

As a California gubernatorial candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger relied heavily on reciting the names of his films ("It's going to be 'Judgement Day' and Gray Davis will be 'Terminated' by a 'Total Recall' of the people.")

Arnold's other verbal prop was the endless recycling of favorite catch-phrases from his movies ("I'll be back." "Hasta la vista, baby.")

Now that Arnold actually has become "The Governator," we can only pray that he will no longer rely so heavily on these over-used cine-cliches. After all, Arnold starred in many movies and, like Ronald Reagan, he probably has hundreds of one-liners from his films that he can fall back on when original thought fails him. With this in mind, I decided to check out Arnold's website -- -- to see what other catch-phrases we might expect to hear resurrected in the months ahead.

Terminator 3 offers several Potentially Useful Quotes:

  • "My mission is to protect you."
  • "Talk to the hand."
  • "Your levity is good."

And, if he Arnold discovers that he really can't solve California's problems, he can always claim, as he did in Terminator 3:
"The T-X has corrupted my system."

The website invites fans to vote on their favorite catch-phrases. Not surprisingly, most of these quotations are not what you would call stemwinders. Most range from one to three words.

Here are some of Arnold's favorite crowd-pleasers that we might expect to hear in the gubernatorial days ahead:

  • "I'll be back."
  • "I'm back."
  • "She'll be back."
  • "Don't do that."
  • "He's dead tired."
  • "John Connor. It is time." (Potentially updated to: "John Burton. It is time.")

The longest single line of dialogue appearing on Arnold's website is:

  • "Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine."
    (This phrase could be used to distance the Governor from in his publicly confessed penchant for glad-handing buxom ladies.)

And what is the All-time Favorite Arnold quote as voted by his online fans? According to his website, 48% of his admirers voted for:

  • "I lied." (From the film, Commando.)

This may explain why Arnold's frequent fibs, factual flubs and meandering misstatements have failed to dampen the ardor of the actor's adoring masses.

This point was underscored five days after the election by Phillip Matier and Anderew Ross, two journalists who write a political gossip column for the San Francisco Chronicle. The October 12 Matier & Ross column carried a report on a post-election party held at the home of Schwarzenegger's campaign strategist, Bob White. During the course of the raucous evening, the following encounter occurred:

The 70 or so people at the party also included a number of lobbyists, one of whom went up to Schwarzenegger and joked, "Hi -- I'm one of those special interests you promised to get rid of."

At which point, Gov. Arnold threw his arms around the guy and laughed, "I lied!"

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