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“ We've update 1400 files to a new scripting wich enables users to make direct links ”

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TerminatorFiles Direct Links

Wed 17 Sep 2003 | 20h01 GMT+1
Info: TF News

Massive update to! The previously banned 'direct linkage' has been enabled, so internal and external people can link towards seperate HTM(L) files on our server.

Direct linkage?

We've update 1400 files to a new scripting wich enables users to make direct links. Previously when someone linked towards ie weblinks.htm, the file would tell the users browser to reload the main domain... which almost every time led to a (over)load of the intro and after that the main introduction page. The users will not see the intro when they are direct linking and are provided with the right frameset and right file of the site. And it also enables us to take down some of the bandwidth on our server (because the 378 kB intro doesn't have to reload every time someone loads the site ;).

Enabled within parameters, someone links towards the file weblinks.htm ( It will open in it's according frameset and show you the whole sites interface. The new feature makes it possible for us (and you :) to link towards collectables and HTM files within our domain.

Within parameters

  • You can NOT link to files within your own site or frameset. A framebuster script will topload the page and load the intro of the site!
  • You can NOT link or open directories. These have been protected and will load the main intro of the site!
  • You CAN link towards files by setting your link to a _blank or _new target, thus opening a new browser with the according frameset!

Some other thingies

  • All posted news-items are updated with a local (GMT+1) timestamp, so you can see wich post is made on what part of the day. Just an extra feature wich is usefull when there are more posts per day.
  • Some 'under-water' coding has changed to enhance the site and the server. These are not visible to the users but do have a significant advantage to the useability of the entire site. (Can't really explain it... just trust us ;)
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