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“ Just a small list of things we'd like to find on a T3 DVD ”

Just a few...

TerminatorFiles' DVD wishlist

Tue 19 Aug 2003 | 21h46 GMT+1
Info: TF News

The WEBteam of Terminator Files has made their own wishlist for the upcoming T3 DVD. Here you can find the features that we definately want included on the possible multiple disc set (keep hoping ;).

DVD Features

  • The Theatrical Version
  • The Extended Cut (including the deleted footage)
  • Audio Commentary 1 - Director, Producer, Script Writers
  • Audio Commentary 2 - Cast
  • Trailers/Promo's:
    - Columbia Teaser
    - Warner Bros Teaser
    - Trailer 1
    - Trailer 1: Extra Tundra Chase footage
    - Trailer 2: International Trailer
    - Trailer 2: Domestic Trailer
    - Japanese Trailer 1
    - Japanese Trailer 2
    - Japanese Trailer 3
    - Superbowl Teaser
    - San Diego's Comic Con Trailer
  • TV Spots:
    - TV Spot #01: NCAA Spot
    - TV Spot #02: They Can't Be Reasoned With
    - TV Spot #03: The Machines Will Rise, Mankind Will Fall (police car intro)
    - TV Spot #04: The Machines Will Rise, Mankind Will Fall (judgment intro)
    - TV Spot #05: The Machines Will Rise
    - TV Spot #06: More Intelligent, More Powerful, More Dangerous
    - TV Spot #07: The Phenemenon That Rocked The World
    - TV Spot #08: If This Is How The World Ends, Only He Can Stop It
    - TV Spot #09: The Perfect Machine Has Found The Perfect Match
    - TV Spot #10: The Perfect Machine Has Found The Perfect Match (ext.)
    - TV Spot #11: Anything He Can Do, She Can Do Better
    - TV Spot #12: The Critics Say...
    - TV Spot #13: This Wednesday...
    - TV Spot #14: Grab your jacket, Put on your shades And Hit the snackbar
    - Toyota Spot #01: Toyota Tundra Commercial
    - Toyota Spot #02 - Toyota Hilux Commercial
  • Other commercial item:
    - Spot: Get T!T3 (MD drinks)
    - Terminator 3 DVD Trailer
    - Terminator 3 DVD Commercial
    - Presskitt (the 9 edited scenes released prior to the release of T3)
    - The video game trailer for Atari's Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines
    - A PC game trailer
    - Superbowl Terminator Intro (hidden easter egg)
  • The Making of Terminator 3
  • HBO Special: Inside Terminator 3
  • Deleted Scenes (seperate(, with optional commentary from director & cast
  • B-Roll (BBCi footage?)
  • Behind The Scenes/Interviews
  • ALL scripts (including most important 2: very first and final shooting)
  • Storyboards
  • Terminator Timeline
  • Posters of T3
  • Music Video: The Current, Blue Man Group ft. Gavin Rossdale
  • Music Video Making Of: Interview/making of the videoclip
  • Easter eggs
  • Documentaries:
    - Documentary: "Why Make T3?" (general fandom and legal battles)
    - Documentary: "From The Start 'Till The End" (How the T3 idea started)
    - Documentary: "T3's Story" (how story, plot and ideas came about in T3)
    - Documentary: "Script Writing" (Details on scriptchanges over time)
    - Documentary: "Casting" (Why the final actors were chosen)
    - Documentary: "Pre-production, set building etc.."
    - Documentary: "Music and Sound FX indept."
    - Documentary: "Editing the movie together" (Chosen shots, etc)
    - Documentary: "Marketing and Promotions" (Both US and Worldwide)
    - Documentary: "Crane Chase Scene Special" (From idea to final shooting)

DVD-ROM Features

* All Screenplays/Scripts

This wishlist is created by the staffmembers in consult with each others.

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