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“ Schwarzenegger is the rare paradox that defies the Hollywood liberal actor stereotype ” reports...

Arnold's run for Governor

Thu 7 Aug 2003 | 20h09 GMT+1
Info: reports: "I just realized why I like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Previously I had thought my admiration of the 'Austrian Oak' had something to do with him making great sci fi films, but after reflecting a bit on his announcement for the California governors' race, I realized that the sentiment goes deeper. My thoughts on Governor Schwarzenegger and Terminator 4..."

Hope for California

Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" must have made Democrats feel like liquifying into the background like one of those shape-shifting Terminators, such as the T-1000 or T-X. Schwarzenegger's appearance caused the crowd to "become unstable" in Terminator lingo. Amazingly, the man never missed a beat and seemed quite natural in his delivery and sincere in his convictions about why the state was in such a mess and why he was the man to fix it.

He believes that California politicians have a habit of pleasing special interest lobbies over the people. A Governor Schwarzenegger would be more insulated from this temptation. One thing is clear. Californians deserve a thriftier governor than Davis. In short, Scharzenegger's performance in front of Leno was bad to the endoskeleton. He is now self-aware.

Hollywood, not war, is "an extension of politics." The film industry's political bend has always been left leaning. Schwarzenegger is the rare paradox that defies the Hollywood liberal actor stereotype. He's a Republican Trojan horse. Just as the people of Troy fought to keep Helen, Democrats will fight savagely to keep their political possession.

The media reported that Schwarzenegger would not run. He denied it. Apparently no one believed him because the news show hosts truly seemed surprised. Chris Matthews of "Hardball," who is normally politically in tune, appeared genuinely shocked.

In perhaps a moment of wishful thinking, the media passed over Schwarzenegger's strong hints and posturing in such statements as "You haven't seen special effects like this since the California state budget," and "There is no money over there [in Iraq]. There's no leadership - pretty much like California," and the more obvious "Yes, I would love to be governor of California..." Yet, is anyone really surprised that the mainstream media missed another one?

Gloom for Terminator Fans

Schwarzenegger says that he thought long and hard about the sacrifices of running for governor before making the decision to run. He mentioned family, business ventures, and movie making. Terminator movie fans are deeply concerned that a Schwarzenegger gubernatorial victory portends another long wait for a Terminator film.

Of course, if Schwarzenegger doesn't win, he can still make movies, but he has a very good chance to win because of his positive name recognition as celebrity, success story as immigrant, and the fiscal discipline attached to conservatives to cut spending and taxes enough to make an economy fit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says that "The politicians are fiddling, fumbling and failing..." and that "The man that is failing the people more than anyone is Gray Davis." Schwarzenegger can't run for president because he's not a native born citizen of the United States.

One can't help but think of another actor and conservative governor of California who changed the world. Let's hope the Austrian Oak can weather the political storms like a California redwood and after defeating his political enemies, is able to shred a few more in T4.

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