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“ They felt that much character development dialogue wasnt needed... ”

One of said reasons to delete footage?

Jonathan Mostow and James Cameron

Mostow forced to cut scenes T3?

Sun 3 Aug 2003 | 12h16 GMT+1

On the offical T3 forum there's a discussion going on that Mostow had to cut for about 20 minutes in T3 because Warner Bros forced him.

Member Lasaris reports:

"WB execs forced Mostow to cut the 20 min of footage because it was..."

  1. too confusing
  2. the movie seemed to "drag" for them and they wanted a 'get to the point' (even more than the movie was supposed to be)
  3. they felt that much character development dialogue wasnt needed (T-850 conversation in CRS with John: I Was Made Here)
  4. the alternate ending/the longer extended ending with the tunnel scene and the full T-X endo chase was long, expensive and poitlness to WB execs. (although I think Mostow cut this part out).

"The administrator who saw the unedited version, I believe, was screened in may and the execs loved it."

"I also believe that it wasnt for so much money on Matrix promotions, (and the big failure). T3 would have recieved the same amount of treatment, instead they pulled out of the MASTER PLAN."

"I believe it WAS administration / a guy that works for them who started this, not a user on this board because I specifically remember '...' mentioning something BIG is happening in a couple of months in January of this year and named it a grandmaster plan)."

TF remark

Although we do not share some of the fans ideas on the saga, the above news and accompanied graphic are made available because in essence it is a important subject. Plus in a way the image is cool ;)

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