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“ Although wildly entertaining and pleasantly reminiscent of past films, T3 appeals to more of an action than sci fi audience. ” mini-review

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Thu 31 Jul 2003 | 21h10 GMT+1

Skynet, the computerized nemesis of the human race is again sending a cybernetic organism back in time to terminate certain individuals. Their machine-dominated world did not become a reality. The "judgment day" of past films has not occurred.

This time the target is anyone associated with John Connor in his youth, his potential "lieutenants" in the future resistance. Skynet's feminine Terminator called the "Terminatrix," played by Kristanna Loken must terminate them. The more advanced "T-X" possesses shape-shifting technology, an onboard weapons suite, and a feminine flair to help her terminate anything with a pulse.

Nick Stahl plays the older John Connor, who lives an isolated life, still haunted by a lingering fear of judgment day. He doubts his mother's mantra, "There is no fate but what we make." Connor is a serious and sad loner who ultimately warns of the unavoidable judgment that he and now Kate Brewster, played by Claire Danes must save the world from. Brewster's emotions flair as she gradually comes to grips with the Skynet plot and grows into a strong and vigilante character.

One of the most exciting scenes begins early in the film and takes you to the memorable Terminator acrobatics of car chases and destruction of property. The first big action scene is a vehicle chase begun as Connor escapes from the T-X in a frail animal clinic truck, soon discovering Brewster locked in the back and not very happy with the situation. The T-X pursues them in a large multi-wheeled crane truck. Police cars, a fire truck and the Terminator T-850, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger join in the fun in what must be the most entertaining car chase ever produced.

Director Jonathan Mostow has employed the same action spirit minus the noir from previous Terminator films. There is no doubt that you will hearken back to them with nostalgia. Although wildly entertaining and pleasantly reminiscent of past films, Terminator 3 appeals to more of an action than sci fi audience. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines worked. Humor, action, and Terminator memories made the film a success.

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