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“ I really like them. I especially have a thing about teeth that are still in the skulls. ”

Kristanna likes bones

Voodoo Kristanna

Tue 22 Jul 2003 | 23h30 GMT+1
Info: TF News search reports: Towering Terminator 3 babe Kristanna Loken has confessed to being a wild child who is in to voodoo and collecting skulls.

The 5ft 11in actress plays a baddie cyborg who beats up Arnold Schwarzenegger in the latest mega-hit instalment of the sci-fi film series.

But Kristanna's own life seems crazy enough to be a movie script too.

She left home at 13 to become a model and lived with her lesbian sister before heading to Hollywood.

Now 23, she says: "I've investigated a number of religions. I was into Zen Buddhism for a while but voodooism is the one that stuck more. It's very interesting."

"Voodoo is the basis of the tattoo I have on my shoulder."

The design shows a turtle, the moon, a tree, the sun and snakes and Kristanna adds: "It's basically a personal crest, each symbol representing a part of myself."

Kristanna also used to enjoy clubbing - boasting: "I could be the last one standing" - likes smoking and drinking and loves the worst swear words because "They are so strong."

She also likes collecting bones and said: "I really like them. I especially have a thing about teeth that are still in the skulls."

Even so, she denies wilder rumours that she drinks blood.

In Terminator 3: The Rise Of The Machines she plays T-X, a robotic humanoid with liquid metal skin, a built-in plasma gun and the amazing ability to seduce men by making her breasts bigger.

And those amazing breasts get an airing in the film's opening sequence.

Kristanna said: "I arrive naked from the future and I was paranoid about the scene."

Even so, the 34B former model normally has no problem showing off her assets.

She said: "Oh, I definitely go topless. When I was in Cannes, someone said, 'Kristanna is going topless on a yacht!'. Well, it's the south of France. Why wouldn't I be? Who isn't? Who cares?"

Her liberal attitudes probably come from her hippy-style upbringing.

She grew up on Love Apple Farm near Woodstock in upstate New York which is run by her dad Chris, a novelist, and mum Rande, who used to be a model.

And living with her lesbian elder sister Tanya also changed her attitude to life.

Kristanna said: "I learned that whether it is her being with women, or men being with men, there's never a wrong or a right thing about it. Society has never played a part in my beliefs."

Kristanna discovered Tanya was gay when she moved in with her in New York aged 13.

She admitted she was horrified for a couple of days before getting over it.

Kristanna herself hung out at a lesbian bar called Henrietta Hudson's, where the regulars nicknamed her Butch. But she says she has never swung both ways herself.

After working as a teenage model in New York she switched to acting and won a regular role on a soap called As The World Turns.

Then at 16 she moved to LA with actor boyfriend Justin Whalin.

She won roles in several TV series which never really took off in the US, such as Aliens In The Family, and movies such as Gangland in 2000 and Academy Boyz the following year.

Terminator 3 is clearly Kristanna's big break, and just as her career is taking off, so is her love life. She is now dating boy-next-door Derek Grout, a 30-year-old computer programmer. She had a crush on him from an early age and at five she called him "my finance".

All seemed lost when he got married but last Christmas Derek announced he had got divorced and used Kristanna as a shoulder to cry on - which she willingly provided.

She said: "It's nice for me. I've never been so ready to open myself up to somebody."

"I've always lived alone and done my own thing alone, and I got sick of being alone."

The couple now live together in California.

Terminator 3, which opens on August 1 in Britain, has a $170 million budget and is the most expensive movie after Titanic.

In it, Nick Stahl plays John Connor, a man destined to defeat the machine dictators who have taken over the world.

But the machines send back Kristanna's T-X cyborg from the future to kill him.

As in Terminator 2, Arnie's T-800 machine is his bodyguard - but with adversaries such as towering T-X he has his work cut out.

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