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“ Want to see what a one-hundred-seventy-million dollar budget looks like? ”

Go see Rise of the Machines

Marco Betrami Terminator 3 review

Wed 2 Jul 2003 | 13h05 GMT+1
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"Would it have been better if Cameron made it? Probably. Would you as the viewer have preferred to never get a "Terminator 3" being as Cameron wouldn't do it??? I personally would have preferred to have one, regardless of who made it. Allow me to explain before you interpret my review as good or bad."

"I just got back from the movie. It was absolutely mind blowing. It had fantastic dialogue and comedy, and the fight scenes took my breath away. It was so epic to see Arnold back again as the Terminator. A site I never thought I would see. Jonathan Mostow did a superb job, as did generally everyone who worked on the flick. The plot is very secretive, and I will not spoil anything on my review... but rest assured there are many things that happen that you just would never have seen coming."

"The suspense was abundant when John was being chased by the T-X, and especially so when the Terminator 850 attacks him. I had no idea what was going to happen. It tied the two previous movies together nicely with this latest installment. Yes Cameron could have done better, this is his creation. However; Mostow had the guts to take on the supreme challenge of following in his footsteps. And in that Mostow was smart to not try to copy Cameron's style. No one would have said he was better, or even adequate, so why try? Instead he used his own style, which, while different from the previous two movies was still awe inspiring."

"The tone of the movie was unique, and felt simply like an extremely well done modern action movie. Cameron didn't want to come back, so I have no respect for him (not that I did after "Titanic" anyways) and I hold Jonathan in the highest regard. James Cameron has never been good for directing anything but action anyways. And action indeed he is amazing at, but the scenes in between action sequences in all of his films lack something; some of the dialogue he writes is cheesy (eg: Terminator 2 when the guard outside the mental institute is shot he yells at the Terminator; 'Ah you shot me you bastard!' and if you think about it, if you were just shot, would you be mouthing off? It's small things like that in my opinion that drops Cameron's level of skill. He is still one of the greatest directors of our time, but Mostow however handles all elements with expertise."

"This movie was the best I have seen in years. There was only two things I would change; tone down the amount of comedy that happens at inappropriate times, and have a little more blood, as it is an 'R' rating anyway. But overall I walked in not knowing what to expect, but regardless my expectations were high. So high I knew I was in for a letdown... I was not let down. Terminator 3 passed my expectations and then some!"

"Want to see what a one-hundred-seventy-million dollar budget looks like? Go see Rise of the Machines. And no don't wait for video regardless of how much you liked or disliked the previous entries. This is a movie that demands to be viewed on the big screen."

"My rating: 10/10 regardless of whether I would have changed a thing. I always look at it as 'Don't critisize unless you personally could do better.' It deserves a ten for the simple fact that you go in there with your expectations as high as mine and walk out with more than you bargained for? That right there deserves a ten. See it. You won't regret it."

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