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“ Better than The Matrix ”

( how hard could that be?! )

Why Terminator 3 rocks

Wed 2 Jul 2003 | 00h01 GMT+1
Info: reports: "For those of you that are wondering whether or not to see T3, hopefully, this should help you to decide: I'm implying that this film is good. In fact, it's three inches beyond good."

"This is the type of action that has you on the edge of your seat... and the car chase along LA's streets is BETTER THAN THE MATRIX."

"The effects are STUNNING, CGI combined with make up and robotics to make a refreshing change from the pure CGI shit we`ve been used to recently."

"Acting is great too,with Stahl's star bound to be on the rise after this! As for Arnie, well, he is just PURE KICK ASS CLASSIC SCHWARZENEGGER HERE!"


"And if future directors can bring the liveliness and skill that Mostow musters here, "I'll be back" could be more of a promise than the threat it's intended to be."

"...mind-bending story and solid performances in "T-3"..."

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