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“ The entire sequence is most spectacular, ... but, again, also very very tiring and very dangerous. ”

Arnold Schwarzenegger describes a 'crane' scene

Terminator 3 tests Arnolds mettle

Wed 11 Jun 2003 | 21h19 GMT+1

Schwarzenegger, who reprises his most famous role in the upcoming film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, told SCI FI Wire that he performed his wildest stunt ever for the movie: a chase involving a construction crane.

"I think everyone will agree when they see it," Schwarzenegger said during an interview at the Los Angeles Comic Book Convention over the weekend. "That it is the most intense chase scene that you've ever seen in any movie."

Schwarzenegger added, "I am stuck on the hook of a crane. The crane is being driven by TX, [the female cyborg played by] Kristanna [Loken]. ... What I go through, the kind of things that were planned stuntwise: ... hanging on the hook, going through buildings and going through cars."

Schwarzenegger said that the scene is shot in part from his character's point of view and that the sequence "took us a long time to shoot, because there were just so many wonderful ideas that were written in the script." The entire sequence is "most spectacular, ... but, again, also very very tiring and very dangerous."

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