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“ The Terminator has become one of the most popular and profitable film series in history. ”

Become part of that movie history

Dress like Arnold

Fri 16 May 2003 | 04h00 GMT+1

The Terminator series of films has become one of the most popular and profitable film series in history. With Arnold Schwarzenegger revises his role as the Terminator, John Connor's only hope for survival from the technologically superior T-X.

This collection is comprised of three special editions:

Gold Signature Series

The gold edition replica jackets are individually signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in gold ink on official T3 leather labels inside each jacket. Only 500 personally autographed jackets are available worldwide.

Price: $4,000

Silver Signature Series

The silver edition replica jackets will include Arnold's reproduced signature stamped in silver ink. A limited quantity of only 2500 jackets are available.

Price: $1300

Bronze Edition

This leather jacket has been modified for everyday wear while maintaining the same futuristic style and look as the original worn by Arnold in the movie.

Price: $399

Also some other merchandise is made available; a digital camera and a 'Coming soon' product.

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