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“ News about the new song that will be featured in T3: Rise of the Machines. ” reports

Terminator 3 song: The Current

Fri 9 May 2003 | 17h12 GMT+1
Info: reports about the new song that will be featured in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. They say:

BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale's collaboration with BLUE MAN GROUP on their track "The Current" will appear on the soundtrack to "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines". Opening nationwide July 2, "T3" is one of the summer's most highly-anticipated films. The song, set to appear in the movie's closing credits and marketing campaign, is also on BLUE MAN GROUP's new album, "The Complex", which debuted at #60 on the Billboard charts (Lava Records), tripling opening sales of their 1999 gold-certified album "Audio". In addition to Rossdale, their first full-fledged rock album features guest vocalists Dave Matthews, Tracy Bonham, Venus Hum, Esthero and Josh Haden, among others.

According to BLUE MAN GROUP co-founder Chris Wink, the band picked Rossdale to sing the track after they determined that he would be able to handle the song's dynamic range. "We did not know Gavin personally but some of the people working on 'T3' did, and they were able to get the song to him," Wink said. "He got back to us saying that he could hit the notes and that he was really into the song, so the next thing we knew is we were on a plane to London. Once we were there, not only did Gavin sing it great, he also brought in (BUSH/ex-HELMET) guitarist Chris Traynor, who did some excellent work on the track as well."

Rossdale seemed equally pleased with the final outcome. "It's been an interesting trip finding out about these guys," he wrote on BUSH's official web site. "They rang me on a Thursday, I sang it on the Sunday, and then I did the video this week. It was such a cool experience - the director is the art director from 'T3' - Jeff Mann. Anyhow he was really driven AND passionate and he had a very cool vision for the song. The three Blue Men were so focused on getting the right shots and really went the extra 15 miles to make it happen. They drummed for hours. I hope it turns out how it should."

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