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“ Entering naked is always a good way to attract attention. Entering naked on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? Perfection. ”

Kristanna Loken is the T-X

Naked on Rodeo Drive

Mon 5 May 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1
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Kristanna Loken, 23, does just that when she battles Arnold Schwarzenegger on July 2 in Terminator 3. Loken plays TX, a killing machine sent to destroy future resistance leader John Connor (Nick Stahl).

"She doesn't say much," says Loken. "But then again, she doesn't really have to." Raised on a fruit farm in New York, Loken was "a rough-and-tumble girl" growing up, but acting invincible still messed with her head. "I became way more physically aggressive." When she got locked out of her house, she punched through a window. "What the hell was I thinking?" she says, laughing. But the biggest casualty? "I can never go down Rodeo Drive again and think of it the same way."

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