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“ I spent alot of time just finding new sounds and ways of manipulating them that could be played orchestrally ”

Marco Beltrami on scoring T3

Score report

Sun 4 May 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1
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"The general approach is a combination of drama and action, and it's pretty much playing the mystery of it, the mood of it. It definitely plays the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as this larger-than-human figure, (but) overall, I think it's a story about this guy, John Connor (Nick Stahl), whos grown up now.

This guy is basically really scared about everything that's happening around him. (What I tried to do) is supply that element of fear and itensity more that just play a thematic thing throughout the movie."

"I have a theme for John Connor. I worked on motifs for the Terminatrix Kristanna Loken), which are unique sound. But the biggest challenge was not just playing it as a thematic ride but playing the horrific nature, the dark side of what someone would feel trying to survive what John Connor is trying to survive."

"Compared to the other 'Terminator' (scores), it's different in the fact that it's more ocrchestral. Those were more synth-based. There's definitely a rythmical identity and motif to this score as well as a melodic and harmonic one. I tried to combine things that combined synthetic sounds with natural, acoustic sounds. For the Terminatrix character, (for example), it was taking a human voice and manipulating it like a breath phrase and using that in conjuction with modified percussion sounds - that seemed to work for the character."

"I spent alot of time just finding new sounds and ways of manipulating them that could be played orchestrally. That turned out really successfully."

"The director (Jonathan Mostow) was fantastic to work with. It's not often that you get to work with a usically oriented director who can give comments that actually have alot of relevence musically as opposed to just abstractly. The time we spent together definitely brought things to a new level."

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