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“ New 54-card base set of FilmCardz for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, coming soon! ”

Diamond Comics has the lowdown

Diamond Comics Filmcardz preview

Thu 3 Apr 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1

All the fast paced, explosive T3 action... captured with the 54-card base set of FilmCardz. Card set includes 36 'Movie cards', nine 'Character cards', and nine 'Background cards'. Box set includes: 12 FilmCardz packs (5 cards per pack), one BoxTopz FilmCard (two FilmCardz images available), one lighted viewer (four collectible versions), one specially produced Filmcard (two separate images available).

The following FilmCardz are randomly inserted in the box set: six 'CyberEtch' FilmCardz, 'metallic-etched' FilmCardz featuring images from the T3 movie; five 'T-X' FilmCardz, featuring images of the T-X Terminatrix; and three 'Bonus cards', one of which is a 'ultra-rare'.

Also available is the three-ring album which holds all 54 base FilmCardz, along with all 'bonus', 'rare', and 'ultra-rare' FilmCardz, features four-color art the front, back, and spine puffy design.

Collectors won't want to miss the 'Limited Edition Tin', which comes complete with five five-card packs of FilmCardz, as well as a lighted viewer.

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