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“ Three months in advance of the launched movie, Beckett Comics will take fans into the bleak future thus far only glimpsed in the movies. ”

Terminator 3: Before the Rise to hit stores soon

Beckett Comics target Terminator 3

Thu 27 Feb 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1

It's been years since fans were treated to the adventures of the Terminator in comic book form. Well, (all together now): "He'll be back."

In July 2003, Warner Bros. releases the third installment in the film series that made Arnold Schwarzenegger an action superstar: T3: Rise of the Machines. But first, two months earlier, Beckett Comics will take fans into the bleak future thus far only glimpsed in the movies, courtesy of a new series, "Terminator 3: Before the Rise".

Written by Ivan Brandon ("Gene Fusion", "Ruule") from a story concept by Jeff Amano, 'Before the Rise' chronicles the story of a band of desperate freedom fighters in the future, waging a futile war against SkyNet and its unstoppable army of mechanical murderers.

Or is it futile?

From the plains of battle comes a possible hope for victory, as the human forces at last capture and detain a Terminator. Could this be humanity's chance to reclaim the world?

This prequel story will be followed by "Terminator 3: Eyes of the Rise". Written by Miles Gunter ("BPRD", "Bastard Samurai") and adapted from the screenplay, 'Eyes of the Rise' presents the events of the film from the perspective of the T-X, SkyNet's biggest baddest killer robot yet.

Joining Brandon and Gunter are artists Goran Parlov ("Outlaw Nation") and Mike Hawthorne ("Grendel: Red, White, & Black"). Parlov is being inked by Salgood Sam ("Muties") while Hawthorne is being inked by Rick Remender ("Avengers"). Colors for the series will be provided by Paul Mounts ("Ultimates") and Eisner award winner Matthew Hollingsworth ("Daredevil") who also serves as Beckett's color art director. The first four covers will be handled by a couple of heavyweights that should make fans sit up and take notice: Simon Bisley and Hajime Sorayama!

Bisley is well-known for his brawny depictions of everything from Wolverine and the Hulk to Batman, Lobo, the Aliens, and (appropriately enough) the Terminator and Conan. "It's great to have Simon working with us on Terminator," said Amano. "Nobody else can bring the level of intensity necessary for this iconic character. Arnold looks like he could reach out of the page and throttle you!"

Joining Bisley on cover duties is Sorayama, the world famous artist for whom the art term "Sexy Robot" was invented. "Getting a master of Sorayama's caliber was a real coup," Amano said. "This is a man who has built an astonishing career out of his unique and beautiful images of robots. I can't think of a better artist to capture the menace and deadly beauty of the new female Terminator."

But it doesn't end there. Each month Beckett Comics will continue bringing Terminator comics to the masses, expanding upon the ideas in the film and delivering the kind of high-octane action that Terminator fans expect.

The first issue of "Terminator 3: Before the Rise" is an extra-sized issue, scheduled to be in stores the month before the movie hits theaters.

More information and preview of artwork available at the link on the top of this page!

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