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“ They're all small. It ain't Clint Eastwood. ”

Peter Schrum about his roles in movies

Terminator 2 actor Peter Schrum dies at 69

Wed 19 Feb 2003 | 01h00 GMT+1
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T2 actor Peter Schrum, 69, best know by us fans as the man who unwillingly supplied the Terminator with his shades and shotgun died Monday in Prescott, Ariz.

Outside of the community, Schrum was possibly best known for portraying Santa in Coca-Cola ads for 17 years, and went on to a career in Hollywood that lasted almost three decades.

Other notable movies the Terminator 2 actor starred in is The Man Who Wasn't There, Dead Man, Demonic Toys, Blue Desert, Flicks, Eliminators, Trancers and this year's The Hulk.

He also guest starred on television shows including: Legend, Quantum Leap, Night Court, Valerie, Family Ties, T.J. Hooker, The Jeffersons, Gimme a Break and VegaS.

The Hollywood actor who played many roles on television and in the movies died following a heart attack, said longtime friend Tony Volpe of Canton.

The actor took the kidding about his roles in stride, Volpe said. "He said, 'They're all small. It ain't Clint Eastwood.'"

As small of the roles they were we fans will never forget his T2 performance and what he gave to the Terminator film.

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