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“ It's a visual feast, this movie, from the beginning to the end ”

Schwarzenegger tells ET's Jann Carl

Arnold is baaaaack!

Thu 16 May 2002 | 08h00 GMT+1

From Entertainment Tonight: When he said, "I'll be back," he wasn't kidding: the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger is reprising his signature role as the Terminator in the third installment of the apocalyptic franchise, 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,' and only ET's JANN CARL is on the set with Ah-nuld!

"It's a visual feast, this movie, from the beginning to the end," Arnold tells Jann. "It ties together the other movies, an ongoing saga of the machines wanting to take over: the Rise of the Machines."

As with 1991's 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' Arnold's good Terminator returns to protect John Connor (played by 'In the Bedroom' star Nick Stahl), now a young adult, from a new baddie Terminator -- the female T-X (newcomer Kristanna Loken)!

"I think that the audience will really be blown away when they see the film," says Arnold, "and blown away by the T-X, the female Terminator, because she's an extraordinary-looking woman -- she's sexy, but at the same time she's a machine, so she plays up the sexy part when she needs to but quickly can snap back into the machine and be very destructive."

Seeing as the first Terminator exploded into theaters in 1984, Arnold was determined to get into fighting shape to reprise his role, not only to look fit, but also because he's gotta look good naked!

"I train pretty much every day, especially when you do a film like this, because when I arrive from the future back to the present time, it's always naked," he explains. "People remember what I looked like in 1984 when we did the movie, and since it's exactly the same mold and the same Terminator, you have to have the same exact body."

Arnold's family is also getting in on the fun of this mega project, especially his 4-year-old son. "He goes into the makeup trailer and he wants to get made up like me," says Arnold. "He wants to have scars, so my kids get scars all over. Our makeup department is very kind, they put scars on them and all kinds of different appliances on their face and then they take that home to their mother."

Tonight on ET, catch more of Jann's interview with Ah-nuld, and get an exclusive look behind the scenes of 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,' directed by JONATHAN MOSTOW ('U-571,' 'Breakdown') and also starring Claire Danes, coming to theaters next summer!

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