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“ The T-X can play on her femininity ”

Loken about her Terminator character

Interview Kristanna Loken USA Today

Mon 13 May 2002 | 00h10 GMT+1

"When Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines director Jonathan Mostow says Kristanna Loken "stood out" over the 10,000 actresses he considered for the role of T-X, the female Terminator, he wasn't kidding. After all, she is 5-foot-11. Put the leggy Norwegian in a red leather outfit and it makes her all the more intimidating.

Fans have to wait until July 2 to see her in costume in the movie. But theatergoers get there first look at the trailer Wednesday, when it begins playing before Lord of the rings: The Two Towers.

"She's a more advanced model than Robert Patrick's character," Loken, who turns 23 next week, says in comparing T-X, or Terminatrix, to Patrick's T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. "She's got a feminine side that she can work on."

No, there's no sex scene between Loken and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but T-X "plays on her femininity," says Loken of her first major role. She began modeling at 15 and got her acting start on As the World Turns in 1994.

Lips are sealed when it comes to the plot details, but early on there's a scene in which Loken walks nude down Rodeo Drive. "They were pretty careful about how they screened it, but the people from up above have a plain view".

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