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“ Filming a movie in Canada is 25 to 30% cheaper than shooting in L.A. ”

B.C. film commissioner Lindsay Allen

Arnold terminates Canada

Sat 16 Feb 2002 | 00h00 GMT+1
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's political ambitions may have terminated plans to shoot his latest big-budget sequel in Canada. B.C. film commissioner Lindsay Allen confirmed to the Sun yesterday that the $160-million US Terminator 3 had pulled out of Vancouver, where it was supposed to film in April.

"The location manager has told us it's staying in Los Angeles," Allen said.

The rumoured reason for the sudden and costly move is that Schwarzenegger fears shooting a film in Canada -- a so-called "runaway production" -- would hurt his chances at becoming governor of California.

"I can't confirm that, but I've heard the same rumours -- that Arnie is running for governor," Allen said, adding he was given no official reason why the project pulled out of B.C.

"Runaway productions" are notoriously unpopular in California, with film industry workers furious that film and TV projects go north to save money.

Allen estimates that filming a movie in Canada is 25 to 30% cheaper than shooting in L.A.

To keep the T3 budget from spiralling north of $200 million US, Schwarzenegger is reportedly forfeiting at least part of his $30-million US salary.

Schwarzenegger has long been rumoured to be seeking the governorship of California.

Allen says while he's disappointed T3 has left town, he doesn't think the "blame Canada protest" has hurt Canada in the eyes of Hollywood studios.

"The whole thing has gotten a lot more attention than it deserves. The amount of U.S. production here is only two percent of production in the states."

Other blockbusters still set to film in Vancouver include X-Men 2 and Santa Clause 2.

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