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“ T3 will begin after Connor's mother, Sarah (Linda Hamilton) has died, although Hamilton may appear in the film in flashbacks ” rumours about the T3 script

Arnold talks about T3 plot

Tue 29 Jan 2002 | 00h00 GMT+1
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The upcoming third "Terminator" film will see hero John Connor stepping forward out of the shadow of his mother. Star Arnold Schwarzenegger told that "Terminator 3" (reportedly subtitled "Rise Of The Machines") will feature a new, as-yet-uncast actor in the role of Connor, the future savior in a battle against a mechanized enemy race.

"T3" will begin after Connor's mother, Sarah (Linda Hamilton) has died, although Hamilton may appear in the film in flashbacks, said.

"I think they felt like they didn't want to have the exact same cast and have them be limited with the story, but really take certain people out, and just let's assume that she has died already," Schwarzenegger told

The John Connor character is "on his own, rather than having still (with) the mother there, whining away, saying, 'Get it straight. You have to be the savior. You can't do this, and you can't date this girl'," Schwarzenegger said.

Director Jonathan Mostow ("U-571") is to begin shooting the sequel April 15, replacing "Terminator" creator James Cameron, but Schwarzenegger said he is confident in his new director.

"I think you have to move on, because the amount of money you put out (to make the film) is extraordinary. So the next thing was, let's find someone that is young and that has this young spirit of new ideas and all that," Schwarzenegger told

Mostow's talent with special effects on "U-571" impressed all involved, but he cemented his claim on the job in person.

"When we met him and had subsequent meetings with him, it became more and more clear that he has the right personality and calmness to do the film. And he has since then proven that by hiring the best of the best people around him," Schwarzenegger told

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger laughed off suggestions that NBA star Shaquille O'Neal will appear in the film, which is due in theatres July 2003.

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