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“ The script's great.
I think it's going to be happening. ”

Edward Furlong told TV Guide

Furlong says T3 script is great

Mon 16 Oct 2000 | 00h15 GMT+1
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Actor Edward Furlong is ready to tee up "T3." TV Guide reports Furlong, who starred as future rebel leader John Connor alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day," is keen to work on a proposed sequel.

"Right now, they're just kind of in the process of putting it together," Furlong told TV Guide.

"The script's great. I think it's going to be happening."

Previous reports have said Schwarzenegger was game to make a third film, but director James Cameron is said to be cool to following up his Oscar-winning "Titanic" with "Terminator 3."

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