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“ Anybody out there!? If you can read this, your ARE the resistance... eurhm... fancommunity ;) ”

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Interact with TerminatorFiles

Interact with TerminatorFiles and fans

Main info

We've said it many times before... and we'll say it again, and again: - By the fans... for the fans!
Its the majority of faninput that made the site what it is today. Are your interested in adding cool articles to the site, wanna add interesting information about old or new upcoming collectibles, wanna trade and communicate with us and other fans... then you are at the right place. Below are different methods to get into contact with us, chat with other fans or add to our ever expanding site.

Although we had a chatbox online in the past (which for some reason was not visited that much), we are planning to launch a lot more interaction modules onto the site. Like polls, a shoutbox, reply function on certain topics (like a guestbook where you can leave your own mark at certain topics) and lots more. Check our DevLab for more development info.


Interested in winning cool TerminatorFiles and/or other Terminator related contests? Sure you are! So we've started some of our own... or collected others as available throughout the internet. Check this page, for the latest items that can be won!


Want to help out on our ever expanding Terminator portal? Contribute your own ideas and stuff? Broaden on existing topics or add new ones? Then be sure to check this requestpage. Help us expand on existing and new content, all for the enjoyment of the Terminator community!


Whats a Terminator saga without a motivated fanbase? Especially those that start their own initiatives defining new Terminator worlds where anything goes; moderations to popular games, kitbashed toys that look a lot cooler then those sold to us, cool items that at first glance have nothing to do with the Terminator, but after their involvement have made it to a new definition! Those are the FanProjects!

External services

TerminatorFiles has made and joined lots of external services, in an effort to get the best of the Terminator content available for its and other fans. Check out these great services, including our own forums TerminatorFiles Forum but also registered TerminatorFiles services on lots of leading interactive sources.

TerminatorFiles Forums

Ooh noo... not yet another forum? YES! We thought it would be nice of people could 'chat' with eachother on lots of Terminator related topics. And since it's all by and for the fans, why not get ourselfs a own TerminatorFiles related forum! TerminatorFiles forums

Facebook friends

In an interactive world, its sometimes without question to register your own interactive account at leading services worldwide. If you are interested in lots of Terminator related or more personal stuff from our STAFFmaster Vic van der Put, then be sure to get connected with him and follow his Terminator(Files) efforts through Facebook.

Twittering tweets

Another social network that has become a must have. Though somewhat limited to a max of 140 characters, there are a lot of twittering tweets to find lots of interesting new Terminator info on the net. The TerminatorFiles STAFF tries its best to get connected on the worldwide web with lots of news sources and Twitter delivers the goods as simple as can be. Get connect with TerminatorFiles on Twitter. Twitter tweets

YouTube channel

Funny or even outrages videos, to share with the online community? Sure, TerminatorFiles might have its own big media libraries, but there are lots of other great sources that can be viewed online at the number one streaming community. Check our YouTube channel YouTube TerminatorFiles channel for our latest interesting video finds and contributions!

Flickr albums

Checking out lots private albums of friends and family, we couldn't help but make a Flickr account and some albums for TerminatorFiles. Since we already feature lots of images in our own image archives these albums are still quite empty or related to other Terminator related subjects that do not fit the Media. Never-the-less... check our our Flickr albums Facebook Friends for some interesting stuff.


Google has great products, extensively added to this and every other site in the world. They even have their own social media tool, fully integrated with all their products. Soo... we had to have on too. We are not very active through their channels, since Facebook and Twitter are the biggest outlets for us... but if you want to connect with us through Google+, check out the Facebook Friends automated link ;).

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