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“ Credit due to these fine folks... is us! ”

But also lots of others out there that helped out ;) Maurice Huijs Vic van der Put


Main info has been developed and is maintained by Vic van der Put and Maurice Huijs. All editorial, static and dynamicly generated content is copyrighted to TerminatorFiles, except where noted or visibly appearent.

Since its conception in the early days of 1999, this project has been supported by ever growing number of fans, companies and other individuals, who all have had major influence over its content. Since the launch of the domain we have a saying amongst (and about) these contributors: "By the fans... for the fans!". And since credit is due to all those that added a lot of stuff to this website, below is a list of most of them.

If we've forgotten to credit you, please contact us so we can still add you to the list.

Commercial credits

We would like to thank the following commercial companies, colleagues and online services for their great products, donated developments and continued interest and support! Hosting, internettechnology and other services Tools, services and internettechnology Free forum technology and support

Personal credits

We would like to thank every individual that took his time to send in news, collectible information or whatever else they helped with to crank up the site. That in itself would contain a full website of its own.

However... below is a list of fans and other individuals who have added a lot of info in the past and hopefully will keep doing it in the (nearby) future. All credits are sorted by first (nick)name. The A-Z of our site, if you will ;).

The A's: Adrian C. Pavel, Alan Mortimer, Alex Cullinan, Alexander Ruiz, Anne Drury
The B's: Ben Fable, Benjamin Webb, Bobbix68
The C's: Carsten Mühring, Cèline Richter, Chase Kuertz, Chris Cox, Chuck F., Cris Stammen
The D's: Damon Dellamarggio, Dan, Dan Modro, David Stogsdill
The E's: Emory Rowland
The J's: Jamie, Jason Candler, Jody Deslongchamps, Jon '101Booster', Jonathan Brown, Joseph Carlin, Josh Cohn, Justin R. Durban
The K's: Kiel Bryant Hosier, Kristan Jonathan
The L's: Lars Meldal
The M's: Marc Zsutty, Marcelo Sawai, Mark Billen, Marti Miller, Martin Cage, Matt Kuss, Maurice Huijs, Michael Clutter, Michael G. Moore
The N's: Nathan Farrell, Nick Castrellon
The O's: Orlando Ortiz
The P's: Patrick Vielle, Paul Jackson, Peter D
The R's: Randy Jennings, Ranko Prozo, Ray Majid, Rene Schrovers, René de Jong, Russ Gould, Ryan Norgren
The S's: Sebastian Suttner, Sierra Harkey, Skynet-Man!, Steve Shaw
The T's: Tanja C., Traber Schroeder
The V's Vic van der Put

Special credits

Fans and other individuals who have to be put in a special spotlight! Just because of their super contributions and endeavors to help us build and promote the best Terminator fanportal in the world. Layed back, relaxed and supporters through 'thick and thin'. You all definately rule bigtime!

Justin R. Durban Composer of the original music used in our (old) intros.
Marti Miller Legal usage of his (high-res) Endoskeleton renders, for commercial on- and offline promotions.
Maurice Huijs Co-publisher, trusted STAFFmember and friend
Paul Jackson Indepth news and collectibles info (from and to, testing our developments and other great additions.
Vic van der Put Without whom this entire portal could never exist!
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