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“ Fluffy cuddly bunny.. or maybe not. ”

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Terminator Weekly Review (32, 2010)

Sun 22 Aug 2010 | 16h55 GMT+1
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Double bill! This sunday we are posting two weekly reviews. Why? Not cause we have something special to report. Nope. Nor that we have a special feature which needed our full attention (which we do). Nope. Its a double bill simply due to the fact we... eeuhm... forgot to post one last sunday.

Thats happened before... but its now two weeks later... our normal sunday afternoon when we check out all the news sources and post the best for you to (re)view. And now we have to go through twice the ammount of stuff.

Why soo slow? Well... as some may or may not know... our offices are actually officially closed for the holidays. STAFFmaster Vic announced this previously somewhere. Was it on the forums or in a previous Terminator Weekly Review? He's somewhat struck with disbelieve that he can't even remember.

Thats called 'verstrooid' in the Netherlands, which is best translated to (wait lets Google it...) 'absent minded'. Which is good for someone that normally works 10 hour a day, and also takes time to build a big whopping fansite about the Terminator.

Well... thats about it for an introduction to the why and how of our belated Terminator Weekly review. Had to think of something, right? This however does not explain the fluffy cuddly bunny title of this very article. Well... then check out the first news article below.

All posted links open a new tab/window.

Eggcore Rabbit as pink Terminator

Date: 10 Aug 2010 || Source:

Ever since I bought an Alessi product, which featured his trademark small cartoon figures, I have been amased with the toylike features of some of the design products out there. Over the years I found out that the Japanese are really good at producing this kind of, lets call it 'toy art'.

One of which is Eggcore, whos created this real cool rounded figure, which is also robotic harcore on the other side of its body. I like the contrast, and might order one from his online store... though if it was possible, I'd rather be ordering the custom made figure the following modeller has made.

Its a freaking Terminator Eggcore bunny. Not that the endoskeleton looks anywhere close to any Terminator, but anyone who appriciates the nice robotic touches, will love to have this one. Now all we need to do is start modding ourselfs.

Michal Miszta:

"This is a toy I customized for Vince from 909toy. It is a new brand and new product, just released few days ago. I received a blank to customize for upcoming events end exhibitions. It is very detailed 95mm tall figure. Its the first toy from the series of characters."

"This model is called Rabbit. When I looked at the model, I was inspired by its shapes and had an idea to create a terminator-like version of the pink bunny from Duracel commercials."

Check out Michal Miszta website for more info on the creation of the Terminator inspired figure.

New Terminator movie called Terminator 3000?!

Date: 13 Aug 2010 || Source: TerminatorFiles' forums

Andrew, one of our forum-members drops in with news about a possible new Terminator movie, which is animated? reports that Hannover House, an entertainment distribution division of Target Development Group Inc., has entered into a feature film development venture with Vancouver-based Red Bear Entertainment.

They want to produce 'Terminator 3000', a $70-million dollar budgeted, 3D animated movie based on the Terminator characters and situations introduced in the original Terminator movies. More details about what the story of this 'Terminator 3000' would be about are being kept under close wraps, but they are trying to (again) keep the violence down to get a possible PG-13 rating.

The Santa Barbara company Pacificor LLC is the current licence holder and retains the retains approval and full licensing authority over any proposed Terminator related product, including this so called 3D movie 'Terminator 3000'.

Both Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment hope to release more of the production timing, finance and principal production personnel later this year... all in advance of a proposed January 2011 start.

'Terminator 3000' terminated in rights battle

Date: 14 Aug 2010 || Source:

Pacificor LLC, the big new rights holder of the Terminator franchise, has now halted the possible production of the 3D animated feature movie called 'Terminator 3000'. This is a PR nightmare for the Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment, who just the other day announced they would be producing a 70 million dollar animated Terminator film.

The only thing they forgot to do... is to contact Pacificor LLC if they may or may not produce such a feature. This is soo dumb... you can't even imagine. On the other hand... this is also nice of them... cause this 3D animated feature sure stirred things up in the Terminator fan community.

Pacificor LLC was not contacted and in return was not too happy to hear that a new Terminator project was announced without their approval. They sent a swift 'cease and desist letter' to Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment stating to following:

"We recently became aware through various online media reports that Hannover House, purportedly a division of Target Development Group, Inc. ('TDGI'), entered into a purported feature film development venture with a Vancouver based entity, Red Bear Entertainment, for 'Teminator 3000' an animated feature film based upon the characters introduced in the original Terminator movie."

"This knowledge came as a surprise to Pacificor. It did not license or authorize any such development or film. Indeed, it has not been contacted by Hannover House, TDGI, Red Bear Entertainment or anyone else seeking such a license or approval."

"While some of the reports we have seen mention that Pacificor 'retains approval and licencing authority...' over the proposed project, a reasonable inference drawn from the reports is that such approval has been obtained. Otherwise, why would the 'development deal' have been entered into in the first place and why would the reports mention a proposed January 2011 start date for production?"

Check the full ScreenRant story for more details.

And part two of the double bill?

The next Terminator Weekly Review will be posted in a few hours, or maybe tommorrow. You never know, right? Whilst we are at it, we might as well continue our failing streak and post the updates and reviews of this last week... somewhere in the upcoming days.

Of course thats all meant sarcastic, but I had to think of some excuse. This article is posted and STAFFmaster Vic is off to a techo and trance party in his home town... and should have been there half an hour ago. How about that for fansite devotion.

Last but not least, his all time favotire closing sentence: More to come, all in due time.
I swear, more is coming!!!

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