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“ Our first snag (or snagg, or nag, or naggs or however you spell it). No big Terminator news?! ”

Except maybe the stuff that keeps us busy

Terminator Weekly Review (30, 2010)

Sun 1 Aug 2010 | 17h14 GMT+1
Info: TF News search

Well... it was bound to happen sooner or later. A weekly review that has nothing to report on. We did get about 20 e-mails from folks, as well as our automated news source checks containing the word Terminator, but most of those articles only used the word as a reference, or it were lots of crappy DVD reviews.

Thats right! Crappy reviews! Lots of blogs out there drum out news and write their own shyte reports about how special they think that a DVD or Bluray disc-set is... only to link to some affiliation site somewhere. In most cases this is Amazon, which -by the way- isn't cheap either.

Soo. We could have done the same? We could, but thats not why we have this little fansite of ours. We collect all we can grab of Terminator related news and other sources. Except... this time around its been a super dry week.

The only thing to report on is a story that was shared on our forums, this last monday, which talked about some Aussies who developed a funny robot that can be used at training camps for soldiers. Check it out below. Yet, even that story isn't really about Terminators, and only uses the big well know word, to get some attention.

Soo... what would we like to report on, next to the one article we found? Well... lots actually. Soo get ready for some ideas boggling our minds, the webteam, staff stuff, and what not more I can drum up to get this Terminator Weekly Review filled.

All posted links open a new tab/window.

Aussies sell 'Terminator' robots to US marines

Date: 26 Jul 2010 || Source:

A small team of Sydney scientists has secured a $57 million contract to supply robots to the US Marine Corps. The Terminator-style technology uses artificial intelligence and could be the next big thing in military training.

"People train on static pop up targets or targets that move predictably on rails," Eric Watson from Marathon Robotics, based in Redfern, told Nine News. "This can move anywhere throughout the range. It can move unpredictably. It can surprise people. It adds a dynamic element to training. It makes people think in different ways."

Check for a cool video of this and three other technological breakthru's.

Thanx to forum-member 'Uncanny Antman' for the heads up on this great 'Future Today' article.

TerminatorFiles' Behind The Scenes preview

People wonder whats happening behind the scenes at our big fansite, check out this little typed out story from STAFFmaster Vic. If there is no news, I'd create some soo you folks know that we are not dead.

Dead? Yup. Thats what people might think (and actually do, since I have had several emails asking why the site is not updated). Well... it IS being updated, but thats all done behind the scenes.

One of the worst things I have been doing the last few weeks, is to hack a lot of coding to make some new developments work in the freaking and most fucked up browsers of all time; hence Microsoft's Internet Exploder. Things that work normal in a standards compliant browser (like for instance Firefox, Chrome and Safari) just aint working in Internet Explorer.

I can hear people think... why worry. Well... cause our site has about 78% Internet Exploder users. If we do NOT support that browser, we'll risk losing ¾ of our visitors. Thats not something we want.

What new developments?

We launched a few weeks ago since we finally wanted to present you our new site, but what you see today is only half of what we had planned. New developments include custom coded footer, an affiliate and partner site, a hidden back-end with funny stuff (did any of you find the hidden graphic in our interface already?), interaction through social networks, toolbars, and lots and lots more.

Being with a small team of IT consultants (the two of us), you can be sure that this takes some conciderable time to develop. And we can't stop there... we are also very busy with content and specials.

Specials in the works

STAFFmember Maurice has been busy producing new content for our online attractions and (theme)park reviews website; which might also be upgraded to a total new and super fat user interface. Also, there have been plans on hosting a HD video player on that (and this) site. That would be super cool... and fun to make as well.

TerminatorFiles itself is going through a transition, becoming more of an archive of Terminator related downloads, videos, graphics and more. Thats why we started it in the first place. Some of the planned enhancemments include high-res image server, high-res video compilations, some custom review, a new collectibles database (yes, we have been talking about it for 5 years) and more more more.

We are sorry for the delays

We would like to tell all contributors that we are sorry for the delay we have had on reproducing your fanmade content on our beloved fansite. Be asured, we couldn't have become this big without your continued support and devotion.

All the sent items will be reproduced as soon as humanly possible. We are still with only two teammembers, and work our asses of to get things up and running all the time. Then again... we have also set ourselfs the goal to have more fun with our sites, and not view upon them as being work related. We do our best for our fansite.

That said...

...let us get back to it, and create something fun; a new site is also in the works, but thats actually super secret. Whoops!

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