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“ If he signs on at all, Arnold's role will likely be a small one, leaving the 4th instalment to break in an entirely new model of Terminator. ”


Terminator 4 is official

Sat 25 Dec 2004 | 20h52 GMT+1

Terminator 4 is official! According to EmpireOnline there will be a fourth instalment of the Terminator saga. They report:

"It's official; the forces of Skynet will be back for a fourth attempt to squash humanity, with shooting on Terminator 4 scheduled to begin in 2005. "Eh?" you say, rather inarticulately, "but surely they wouldn't do such a thing without the lumbering, Austrian Terminator we've all come to know and love." Well, actually they would, but don't count the Governor out just yet.

Discussions are ongoing with Schwarzenegger - who's already pretty busy running California and trying to get that Bush chap re-elected - and we may yet see him return to cause more mechanical mayhem. But don't expect a leading role. If he signs on at all, Arnold's role will likely be a small one, leaving the fourth instalment to break in an entirely new model of Terminator. Since they've already done the shape-shifter and one that can operate electrical appliances, what can we expect for the fourth generation of killing machine? A jet pack? Roller blades? The ability to start first time on a January morning? We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile the script for T4 is essentially complete thanks to the screenwriters behind Rise Of The Machines, and director Jonathan Mostow has cleared a space in his calendar to direct the film after completing work on his next project. Claire Danes and Nick Stahl are a little less certain though, as neither of them have signed on for another film. Which you'd think is something of a problem given how the third film finished."

Also, the Internet Movie DataBase has a page for Terminator 4 info. Check it out at this link!

TF remark

The information given by EmpireOnline is not exactly correct. In the article they state that the cast did not sign on for other instalments, whilst according to our sources they did. All three main characters (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl and Claire Danes) signed some documents stating they should be available if more sequels came along.

Though we are sure they could get out of it, if they wanted to... since we aint experts ourselves in this legal movie business, we're also not sure what's fact and what's fiction. Then again... what we do know is that they signed some documents to be available for new movies whenever they came up. Just wanted you all to point to that. EmpireOnline can't know every detail, now... can they?! ;)

Click top link for original EmpireOnline article!

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