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“ I'm an die-hard fan of both franchises long before I started the script, so research wasn't really necessary. ”


Ultimate Hunt begins 1st Quarter 2005

The Ultimate Hunt Begins, 1st Quarter 2005

Wed 1 Dec 2004 | 18h26 GMT+1

TerminatorFiles forum member The_Infiltrator has come up with news on a cool new project that he has been planning for a long time; a Terminator vs. Predator fan movie!

And what a project it turns out to be. Costumes, props, CGI, motion-capture, scaled characters and vehicles of the movies, actors, and what not more have already been acquired and the project is getting started.

The_Infiltrator explains

I hold dear to my heart the Terminator, Predator, and Aliens sagas, because I (as well as others) grew up on them. After considering the fact that a 'Alien vs. Predator' movie has already been made -though I had this idea about a year before AvP was being made- I said: "What the hell, I'll give it a shot and besides.. it would make one kick ass fan-fiction!".

I'm an die-hard fan of both franchises long before I started the script, so research wasn't really necessary. When I finally finished the script, I gave some of my friends a copy and they all loved it.

Then I saw the work of Sand Chollera. The infamous director of 'Batman: Dead End'. I was really appalled. So, I said to myself... "Why the hell not?!" But there were two stipulations; make the BEST damn Terminator/Predator fan film, because there really aren't that many, and deliver a fan base equal to that of 'Batman: Dead End'. B:DE and Sandy Chollera were a big inspiration for me to get started on this big project, not to mention James Cameron and the vision he set out to create.

There are already lots of people that are binding together to make this project possible. My brother (he's a huge Predator fan) told me from the get-go that if I needed any assistance, he would be glad to offer it. This of course, I could not refuse. Furthermore a little production company will lend out the computer technicians to help me get CGI shots done... all of whom are my friends, so they know how I want things done. This is a great additive when your trying to get the perfect shot.

Examples of scenes to be shot for the movie

The first shot that I'd like to point out, is very much like in the original 'Terminator' where we have a T-800 infiltrator infiltrating a Resistance bunker. We start out on a very much beaten and brutalized landscape. Destroyed cars and building litter the entire frame. A Aerial H/K (Hunter/Killer) flies overhead. We then come upon three survivors from a SKYNET interment/disposal camp. They enter a hidden Resistance compound, looking for shelter. This is when we find out that one of the survivors isn't human after all, but an Infiltrator welding a RSB-80 Heavy Plasma cannon. Some Resistance soldiers are killed, but then they start to fight back. The Plasma Cannon runs out of it hydrogen cell, meaning its out of ammo. The Infiltrator throws the cannon down, and is forced to fight other soldiers in hand to hand combat. Before the scene cuts, we see a back shot of the Infiltrator with 3 laser dots on his back.

If you don't know what this means, re-watch Predator, namely the scene where Bill Duke gets his head blown off. Then the scene cuts.

Another example of a scene, is a montage to a part in T2, that didn't make the Theatrical version. What could I possibly be talking about? What about changing the switch. This scene is very similar to that of T2, minus the dialog and the actors present. What's the difference? The Terminator gets injured in the head from a plasma blast from the Predator. The Terminator must be switched to Economy mode... meaning, it functions are cut 40 percent to conserve energy.

I wanted to do a shot like this because they are fun to do. Besides, I want inform some not so fortunate views of the Terminator series that this is what it was like in the 'real' version of T2, well sort of... meaning that in T2 the switch was turned from Direct output, to Input and Output mode.

A 3rd example: A shot is similar to that of AvP and T:2. It is [during] the final battle scene. The Predator, using its 'uber' cool fighting techniques, throws its kombi stick at the Terminator, and jabs him in his chest. The force of the throw is so tremendous, that it ironically sticks him to the wall. The Terminator, quickly being depleted of energy from its main power cell, shuts down, and initiates a system restart in Alternate Power Mode... making him 20 percent less efficient (he is now at 40 percent efficiency!). The Predator, now trying to remove the Terminators support system -ie the backbone of us humans- is stunned to see it gets up, not to mention... very pissed off ;).

Even more interesting stuff

I've been asked to give information on the kind of things used -and going to be used- in the film. For starters, I'm in the process of making a fully custom suit for my brother. The suit is very aged, and weathered. Why, you ask? The Predator in this fan film, is a clan leader... coming to Earth for one final hunt. The body suit -or skin- of the Predator, is albio with random black blemishes with various tribal marking tattoos and fully grey dreadlocks. The helmet is mangled, and battle torn. Half of the snout piece is missing and bullet dents can be seen all on the helmet.

I've also sculpted a Predator ship miniature for the intro, similar to that of the original 'Predator' movie. I've also made -stunt- body casts for the Ending segment, in which we see the whole clan (Yes, this is my cameo ;).

For the Terminator, I went out and purchased a Aoshomia 12" Endoskeleton, to be used for recasting into sequences, and as reference materials for me to sculpt my prosthetic appliances. I've cast the actors head that will play 'The Terminator' for the Endo head scene mentioned above. I've built a RSB-80 cannon out of real .50 Machine gun parts, PVC tubing, like the RSB-80 created for the Terminator. I've also made several Resistance Soldier uniforms that stay true to T1 and T2. Turned the G-36 into a Phased Plasma Rifle bull pup M-25 Assault Rifle, sculpted a 1:48 scale H/K and one 1:72 scale H/K for the intro sequence.

I also have the privilege to use very expensive programming to produce some CGI effects. Don't worry, it won't be used on big stuff such as creating a full Endoskeleton. The program will allow me to do what I want very simply -ie cloaking for the Predator, and 'infra-red/term-o-vision' for both characters.

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