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“ The new server however can handle an absurd number of requests. ”

TerminatorFiles has upgraded!

We've upgraded!

Wed 20 Oct 2004 | 21h48 GMT+1
Info: TF News

As some might have read in the intro, TerminatorFiles has upgraded to a new server. Just due to the fact that moving also entailed a lot of updates... we've collected most of them on this article, for all to review whats up and running at

So what was going on?

Our current service provider is undergoing some major changes over the last few and upcoming months. It is joining forces with 3 other SAP and Internet related companies and will change from a 10 person run business into a 40+ company.

These changes are not very important to our visitors... but did result in a massive overhall of all local and internet related servers, including some major service enhancements. Some features of these are described below, for all those interested in the positive effects it has on the TerminatorFiles (sub)domains and services.

Old and new servers

The old server was a 10 year old computer and overheated almost three times a week. With the ever growing number of customers wanting SAP integrated systems, network solutions and lots more high grade server-sided software and GIGs hosting... the conclusion was to have a massive update to a new system.

To not talk endlessly about technical details, here are some simple examples of some massive upgrades which have been enabled over the past few weeks (compared to the old server):

  • 2 servers in stead of 1
  • full integrated quadruple backup system
  • 12 times more allocated memory
  • 10 times faster processor (4 multi processor drives per server)
  • 130 times faster processing

Sounds interesting huh? Well... it will get more interesting with the upcoming calculation. The old server could handle 12000 direct requests per minute, which at good times was approx. 1100 per second. The new server however can handle an absurd number of requests.

The new servers entail several subservers, which each have several more underlaying (sub)processes, which in turn can handle a lot of clients. The numbers are withheld from this article... but a total recalculation results in a request ration of 35 million per minute! Whow! What about that!

Not all is ours

The calculations above might look bullshit at first... but we were ensured it was really the truth. However; the numbers as indicated above are calculations for the total possible requests the server can handle, which means for all the sites that are hosted (last counted at 578 sites and 40 server-sided services). But who's counting, right?

So what does this mean for TerminatorFiles?

Well... we'll be able to have a more stable environment and handle a lot more direct requests. The new server is also on a faster connection on the 'backbone' of the internet, which means the information is handled at unbelievable rates. The speed of the site still is at the ratio of your own provider; this due to the fact we can not change their data-traffic towards your computer. But being on the backbone has more 'underwater' benefits.

Also... the server-sided software has been upgraded to the latest systems, which means we can do a lot more on the server level of the domain. But lets not get into that, or we'll be typing on for hours more ;).

We hope everybody keeps having fun at the best Terminator fanportal in the world... which just keeps getting better and better (as can be read above ;).

We'll keep reporting on new developments, whenever they arrive... so all of you that are interested, are up-to-date on things.

We're ready for the future! Come on over... trillians of hits ;)

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