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“ Finally... fans from around the world can kick some Terminator butt in the new released console game T3: The Redemption! ”

And what a game it is!

It is time!

Tue 7 Sep 2004 | 10h15 GMT+1
Info: Terminator 3: The Redemption Prelaunch Promo

Finally... fans from around the world can kick some Terminator butt in the new released console game Terminator 3: The Redemption. And what a game it is!

Terminator 3: The Redemption is Atari's fourth attempt at releasing a game based on the Terminator saga. The First-Person-Shooter game "Rise of the Machines" was somewhat a disappointment to the general public, with bad references on most sites... and a plumuthing price-tag and sales as the result. The PC game "War of the Machines" was worse, and was a real disappointment for the PC games, since it's the only Terminator game for PC released lately. And the first attempt was "Dawn of Fate," a medium Third-Person-Shooter that had some bad camera angles.

But this time they surely did a great job! Terminator 3: The Redemption has very little in common with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It features endless thrill-rides in 14 combined levels, including third-person perspective, on-foot combat, driving, and rail shooter levels. And one important part: the game does not stray too far from the plot of the movie.

Although the three gameplay types presented in Terminator 3: The Redemption are somewhat different, they also have a lot of things in common; The Terminator vision, for example, will semiautomatically acquired enemies and highlight weapons, making it possible to do more damage in an easier method then normal gameplay. Of course these 'times' are limited... but can be upgraded during the game, with acquiring 'terabyte points' which are presented at the end of each level, based on your gameplay performance. We think you'll be using that red mode a lot.

The controls are also constantly the same. Though it might feel strange to be walking and driving using the same left analog stick... this is a lot better then having to switch between, for example, different settings per gameplay mode. Just one set of controls to master... because there is already enough action in the game to give attention to!

And lets not forget the feature of the ingame character of Arnold; this digital version has the same 'one-liners' as the real life one and uses them on a frequent base ;). Shooting everything that moves whilst sentences like "Don't loose your head", "Thats what I'm talking about" and the unmisstaken "Terminated", break through your speakers! This totally rocks!

One major attraction in the game must be that most of the levels take place in postapocalyptic cities where battles between humankind and Skynet are ongoing! Finally we can spend a lot (if not all our time) in this future sequences, even more so then presented in the movies. You'll probably be driving through them on resistance trucks or cars... or even 'stolen' Skynet vehicles, including a very cool tank with ultimate firepower.

Talking about firepower... It is unlimited! Although this might not sound that plausible, you won't have to worry about acquiring any new ammo throughout the levels, which you won't have any time for, since the game will present you with lots of stuff to focus on. However it is important that you focus on specific targets; for example in some levels it is best to focus on bigger targets first, so you'll have more time to shoot out the smaller ones.

But its not all future only; you'll also be returning to 2003 (as far as we know on two occasions) and fight besided John and Kate, against the TX and other forces. Vehicles in these levels include a pickup truck, a motorcycle, (police) cars, the mammoth truck and the famous hearse. You guesed it... you'll be re-inacting some of the T3 movie sequences. But this time in a bit longer scene, with a lot more damage!

At the end of each level you'll be awarded 'terabytes' which can be subsequently spent on upgrading your Terminator's attributes or abbilities. The number of terabytes that are awarded is determined by how quickly you complete the level, how many secrets you have uncovered, how many enemies you've killed, and how much energy you've got left at the end. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your Terminator. In some cases you'll probably choose to revisit previous levels, and kick some more ass with the already upgraded Terminator. And the plus to this is that in the end you will possibly be awarded with even more 'terabytes'... making future levels a lot easier. So if you ever run into any problems... save your game, return to a previous level and stomp some butts!

The visuals in Terminator 3: The Redemption are very pleasing to the gaming eye. Both future and present day landscapes are very good renditions of real life. This also includes towards almost all ingame featured buildings, vehicle and characters... although most of them are also a bit block-like figures (meaning some arms, or splines between them look a bit ackward and rectangular). The overall graphics on all consoles (GC, PS2 and Xbox) are about average for their respective systems. Luckly for Xbox owners: during the development of the game, the developers have taken into concideration that this system enables them to give that little extra to the gaming graphics. So this version is more impressive then on other consoles!

Well... thats about it for our own little review, based on some news of other sites, our own views on available footage and the endless gameplay of the demo as available on the Xbox version of T3: Rise of the Machines.

Today is the official release date for Terminator 3: The Redemption... which means all those living in the US can sprint to the mall and acquire their own copy of the game. Just under some weeks and/or a month the game should also be available to the rest of the world. We ourself are in the Netherlands and will have to wait some extra days to play it... but we've also been waiting 12 years for T3 to be launched, so some weeks might not make that a difference ;).

Click top link for our Terminator 3: The Redemption Prelaunch Promo, including info and vids!

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