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“ Terminatorfan barnEbiss of the T3 forums, made some cool models available for any 3D fan that uses Maya PLE. ”

Check them out!

Hunter Killers in 3D

Hunter Killers in Maya PLE

Thu 12 Aug 2004 | 18h44 GMT+1
Info: FAN.GOODIES - 3D Models

After talking on the T3 forum about the models and possible inclusion on the TerminatorFiles website, we decided it was time to add an article.

barnEbiss explains:

These units are released as is; I made these models for a friend and decided to release them to the general public so they could enjoy them.

Included Skynet units are:

  • HKTank: with dual plasma weapons on turrets.
  • HKAirunit: as close to the movie one as I could make it at the time.

I worked from movie pics and model kit pics to try and get as close a look to the originals as I could and I hope I succeeded :)

These models are for non-commercial use, and may not be reproduced in any product. The files are made in Maya PLE (Personal Learning Edition) format. If anyone wants to contact me about these models feel free to drop me a line through the email address as available in the downloadable zip.

I do not own any of the copyrights to the original models that I based these 3D files on. Those rights are to the current licency holders of the Terminator franchise. Models are released as is.

About Maya PLE

Maya Personal Learning Edition is a special version of Maya® software, which provides free access to Maya for non-commercial use. It will give 3D graphics and animation students, industry professionals, and those interested in breaking into the world of computer graphics (CG) an opportunity to explore all aspects of the award winning Maya Complete™ software in a non-commercial capacity. Click here for more info and to download you own copy.

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