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“ Today, July 25th (or did it actually happen on July 24th...?) it's Judgment Day, according to T3. ”


Judgment Day

Sun 25 Jul 2004 | 16h58 GMT+1
Info: TF News search

Happy Judgment Day to all of you! :). Today, July 25th (or did it actually happen on July 24th...?) it's Judgment Day, according to T3.

HybridT-10001X searched for this time schedule, so we all know when to hide when the bombs will fall:

  • In Los Angeles, it will be 6:18pm, Sunday
  • In London, it will be 2:18am, Monday

  • Moscow: 5:18am, Monday
  • Sydney: 12:18nn, Sunday
  • Tokyo: 11:18am, Sunday
  • Beijing: 10:18am, Sunday
  • Seoul: 10:18am, Sunday
  • Pyongyang: 10:18am, Sunday
  • Oslo: 3:18am, Monday
  • Berlin: 3:18am, Monday
  • Amsterdam: 3:18am, Monday
  • Stockholm: 3:18am, Monday
  • Helsinki: 4:18am, Monday
  • Paris: 2:18am, Monday
  • Lisbon: 2:18am, Monday
  • Madrid: 2:18am, Monday
  • Istanbul: 4:18am, Monday
  • Manila: 10:18am, Sunday
  • Johannesburg: 4:18am, Monday
  • Hong Kong: 10:18am, Sunday
  • Mexico City: 7:18pm, Sunday
  • Jakarta: 9:18am, Sunday
  • Kinshasa: 3:18am, Monday
  • Nuuk: 11:18pm, Sunday
  • Reykjavik: 1:18am, Monday
  • iyadh: 5:18am, Monday
  • Baghdad: 5:18am, Monday
  • Tehran: 5:18am, Monday
  • Novosibirsk: 7:18am, Monday
  • Lima: 9:18pm, Sunday
  • La Paz: 9:18pm, Sunday
  • Santiago: 9:18pm, Sunday
  • Buenos Aires: 10:18pm, Sunday
  • Rio de Janeiro: 11:18pm, Sunday
  • Tel Aviv: 4:18am, Monday
  • Istanbul: 4:18am, Monday
  • et cetera

So, we must go further south into Mexico, in order to escape the primary blast zones... :p

For those who will not make it into Mexico, run to a nearest fallout shelter, take some microphones, food, medicins and other survival stuff with you, and maybe (hopefully) we'll meet again!

Thanks to Mat Pinckney for remember us about it and to HybridT-10001X for the time schedule!

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