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“ The original image attached to this article was 1400 x 1000 pixels! ”

Check all images on their site!

High-res Terminator movie images

High-res movie images

Wed 16 Jun 2004 | 15h38 GMT+1

Roaming the net for cool Terminator input, we came across this wonderfull German site, which has the best collection of high-res movie imagery we've ever seen (to this date that is ;)

The excerpt image as attached to this article does not do them justice (since it was only exported in a 72 DPI webformat, with extra 60% JPEG-compression).

The OutNow.CH site features a lot of screen captures, scans and/or officially press-released material in very big formats (ie: the original image attached to this article was 1400 x 1000 pixels!). They also feature sounds, videos, reviews, a forum, a shop and lots and lots more.

If you are not into 'Terminator only'... then be sure to run through their entire collection of movies: 714+ as far as we could count. Enough eye-candy for hours on end!

Click top link for T3 images / website!

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