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“ Game buffer overflow lets servers execute arbitrary code on connected clients. ”


Terminator 3 War of the Machines error (Updated)

Sun 18 Apr 2004 | 01h48 GMT+1

Bad news for the gamers. An important error has been reported in Terminator 3: War of the Machines.

SecurityTracker reports:

Luigi Auriemma reported a buffer overflow in the 'Terminator 3: War of the Machines' game. A remote server can cause a connected client to execute arbitrary code.

It is reported that a remote server can supply a specially crafted reply to a connected client to trigger an overflow in the statically sized ServerInfoTemp variable. As a result, the game can be crashed. It may also be possible to execute arbitrary code."


The above has been fixed in the recent T3-WOTM v1.16 official patch. Atari didnt state all that was included in that patch also.

From Clevers,

  • Level Bugs (leave map, polygon problems)
  • AI Improved (Combat, Aiming, Teamwork)
  • LAN and GameSpy lags - fixed
  • Menu (passw. protect, display dedicated servers, single player AI options)
  • HK Plane (stronger, respawns rarely)
  • HK Tank (faster firing with weaker damages)
  • Characters dies when you hit them with a car
  • Q key toggles IR vision for Terminators

There might be other fixes not noted here.

News send in by Christopher Dean
T3-WOTM Dedicated Forum Moderator

Click top link to read more on the original bug-report!

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