Announcement: Sorry. No updates until our new fansite launches!
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“ Ooh no! Not yet again a new forum? YES! We thought it would be cool to own one for ourselfs... and let people decide if they want to join or not. ”

Forum launched!

Mon 5 Apr 2004 | 22h12 GMT+1

Woops... First errors are now available; sometimes the forum is offline due to 'Too many connections'. You might see this error message or just a number on a page. If this happens... please connect at a later time.

Interested in talking on new topics, want to continue old conversations from other boards, want to have one central place where to discuss and keep informed on Terminator news? Then maybe the new forum is not such a bad idea (... to be decided ;)

To be decided?

We started on this new endeavor to have a central place on the net for all the fans to enjoy. However, we at TerminatorFiles are also new to this kind of system. It might not be error free, so please don't hold it against us if the forums explodes. Hahaha... Well, not really that is. It is build up by an Invision Power Boards system, so fysically not much can go wrong.

Do take notice that we are new at this and any excessive miss-use, miss-conduct or anything else that downgrades its useability for all members will result in your ban... or in the worst case scenario, a offline forum.


We all had our day when the moderator of the official T3 boards thought it would be cool to have an April Foolsday prank on its users. Well... it did work for a moment. We hurried to get our board launched :). Thanx!

The development of this new forum has however been in our minds since several months and the last couple of weeks we've been developing our own system (which still does not work). So checking the net for advertising free forums, brought us to a wonderfull bannerfree system, fully skinable and very detailed. We couldn't have done it better ourselfs (yet).


The one major rule set for the forum is, that you have to register to use it. More rules towards its usage are set within the forum system, so once you've entered... please read them carefully (check Announcements on the main boards entry).

It is not possible for Guests to post on the boards; they are however very welcome to 'lurk' (thus view) it. Maybe our topics and discussions may make them wanna join. We certainly hope so!

So come on over and check it out... and be sure to register and join us on this new endeavor and another attempt at endless discussions ;)

Click top link to enter forum, register and enjoy!

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