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“ Though the comic book was the inspiration for the trailer, the story for it is in fact a bit dissimilar in some ways from the comic. ”

Code Breaker explains

Another Robocop vs. Terminator trailer

Sat 20 Mar 2004 | 14h43 GMT+1

In our never-ending search for Terminator news, we came upon a second fanmade Robocop vs. the Terminator trailer. The trailer is created by Code Breaker. The story showed in the trailer is based on the Dark Horse comic that was written by Frank Miller.

Code Breaker informs us:

"Though the comic book was the inspiration for the trailer, the story for it is in fact a bit dissimilar in some ways from the comic. For the story that I thought about, I came to realize that there was no way for the "RoboCop" and "Terminator" universes to occur in the same timeline in the way that Frank Miller had set up in the comics. The date of the war from the films varied. Be it 1997 or 2004 (depending on if you include T3), the war would have wiped out the possibility that the events in the "RoboCop" series out of existance. "RoboCop" takes place in the near future, possibly in the next couple of years. So, if you count or do not count T3, then the war against the machines has started already. This conflict meant that there was no way to pull a "Freddy vs. Jason" style universe in which both of the film series existed in the same line. That lead to the only possible means in which RoboCop and Terminator could exist: an alternate universe."

"By creating the alternate universe for the story, which lead to the creation of the trailer, various details were changed. The events and details we've seen in the films would be different. For example, Murphy's death may have been different from what we saw in the films, including the when and how. The same applies to the Terminator universe, details including small stuff, like being able to travel back in time in your underwear instead of naked and how Skynet came to be. That's why at the beginning of the trailer, it states the location and reality number, to show that this isn't the same reality of either films. It could be a reality that is occuring right now, just in a different realm."

"Also, I know that people like the idea of Arnold being a good guy, but the first time we saw the Terminator, he was a bad guy. I feel that it's been a while since we last saw that bad version of the T-800 series and that we should get that back (hopefully soon, if T4 actually comes to light). I mean, there's only been two bad guys (that I'm aware of) that Arnold has played, and Mr. Freeze was too comical to be a real villian. In fact, if I recall correctly, Arnold said that he didn't like the idea of not killing a few people before meeting John Connor for T-2, seeing that he was a Terminator. Though he comes close to killing someone in "cold blood" so to speak, close but its no cigar. By having the Terminator doing what it was designed for, it would make sense."

"There were some details I decided to leave out, because there was no way to perform it. For example, I wanted to have a shot where we see RoboCop and an T-800 endo fighting each other, both in one shot. Another shot, which would have been from the comics, was of a Terminator ripping an ED-209. However, I am not good with doing CGI (in fact, I don't know how to), but I improvised by using tight cuts to make things appear to be together."

"I did have a thought about doing a "RoboCop vs. The Terminator 2" trailer, in which RoboCop and Terminator team up to deal with the T-X unit. We also discover the person who started Skynet to come into existance for that reality (another familiar character from the "Terminator" series, someone you'd least expect). But it really depends on how well this trailer is received."

"Right now, I am trying to work on replacing the techno that is heard in this trailer with something a bit more dark before I send the final copy over to or send it as an update to So the trailer you are seeing right now is a test screener. After the music is changed, the only thing different for the final version will be the techno song being replaced by another song."

"Also, as a trivia tidbit for you guys, I'm the mouth in the trailer ;)"

Summary of comic

"Here's a short summary of the comic in case you don't know the storyline. If you know the story, it makes the trailer better understood."

"In the future, the catalyst for Skynet's sentience is discovered to be the cyborg Alex Murphy: RoboCop. A lone female soldier called Flo travels back in time to Detroit -- and destroys RoboCop!"

"As changes in the timestream sweep to the future, Skynet sends Terminators to the past, which *prevent* the soldier from killing RoboCop, who then destroys the Terminators. Knowing his destiny, RoboCop destroys himself. Again, changes sweep forward in time, and Skynet sends back Terminators that once again prevent the destruction of RoboCop, and force him to merge with Skynet."

"The years pass and Murphy exists only as a virus in Skynet, waiting until he can create himself a new form. This new RoboCop prevents the soldier from traveling to the past. He replicates himself hundreds of times and takes on the Terminators and Skynet, then travels back in time and destroys Skynet before it becomes sentient. And changes sweep along the timestream..."

Click top link to view/download the trailer!

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