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“ We wish his family and friends the very best! He will be missed! ”

Paul Winfield

Paul Winfield past away

Wed 10 Mar 2004 | 12h40 GMT+1
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Los Angeles. Bad news for all the fans. Paul Winfield, better known as Lieutenant Ed Traxler in The Terminator, has died of a heart attack, last Sunday. He was 62 years old.

Winfield's agent Michael Livingston said his client had been battling diabetes and was in ill health prior to his death.

Winfield appeared in over 150 films, documentaries and TV shows. He was both a powerful lead and a strong supporting actor. His range included both drama and comedy.

Winfield was nominated for three Emmy Awards for his performance as Martin Luther King Jr. in the mini-series 'King,' 'Roots: The Next Generation' and the TV series 'Picket Fences.' He received the NAACP Image Award in 1982.

Winfield turned in a number of great performances. He had a nice supporting role in the Sidney Poitier vehicle 'Brother John.' He played a befuddled, Uncle Tom general in Tim Burton's 'Mars Attacks!.' He co-starred in the cool Blaxploitation film 'Trouble Man.'

Winfield was also memorable in the Oscar nominated 'Conrack.' He played Burt Reynold's fellow cop in the underrated Robert Aldrich cop drama 'Hustle.' He also had a nice, creepy role in Wes Craven's 'The Serpent and the Rainbow.'

Star Trek fans remember Paul Winfield for his roles in 'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan' and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.' He co-starred with Warren Oates in Samuel Fuller's controversial 'White Dog.' Let's not forget his role in 'The Terminator.'

Winfield was one of the poor unfortunates who learned the hard way when Arnold said "I'll Be Back!" Winfield appeared in a number of TV series in recurring and guest roles. He was a semi regular on 'Touched By An Angel' and 'L.A. Law.'

One of his final roles was in the TV remake of 'Sounder.' He leant his unique homespun voice to the A&E series 'City Confidential.' He played boxing promoter Don King in the TV movie 'Tyson' and parodied King in the animated hit series 'The Simpsons' playing Lucious Sweet. The list goes on.

Winfield was born in Los Angeles on May 22, 1941, during a time of social unrest and battles over civil rights. He was raised by his union-organizer mother and was buzzed to a predominantly white high school, where he became involved in drama and was named best actor for three years in a row in a Southern California drama competition. Winfield then studied drama in college, though he left the University of California just a few credits short of a degree to pursue acting full time.

He is survived by his Las Vegas-based sister, Patricia Wilson.

TF remark:

We thank him for his great performances (in the Terminator and lots of other movies) and wish his family and friends the very best! He will be missed.

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