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“ In the universe of the Terminator saga, it's the future that appearently can not be changed... whereas the past seems to be modifiable in endless stings. ”

Shitty Spanish Terminator TV-series article translated

Thu 4 Mar 2004 | 19h43 GMT+1

On the bottom of a previous news item about the possible Terminator TV-series rumour, we linked towards a Spanish article... and asked fans to send in possible translations.

Terminator fan Adam Heinbuch was so smart to let a site translate the article. Why didn't we think of that ;). "I used BabelFish to translate the spanish website you had linked to in the article in question. It's far from perfect, but it gets the point across, I think."

We've checked the text and changed some sentences to make it more readable. And Adam; Thanx for the ('not') info!

TF remark:

Watch out! Shitty article ahead. A waste of time. Aargh. But, what the hell... we've posted it here to show you what is said; thus nothing of importance... but at least now you know ;)

The soap opera

It is that, after all, the rebellion of Skynet against the humans was inevitable. In the universe of the Terminator saga, it's the future that appearently can not be changed... whereas the past seems to be modifiable in endless stings. So the protagonists, John Connor (Nick Stahl, wonderful in Bully) and Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), take a walk on the wildside, ending through several military installations and finishing in an atomic shelter, surviving the nuclear holocaust... or Judgment Day, as it's so biblically called in the saga.

So whats up next? Schwarzenegger may keep this project by hand, if his job as Governor of California does not work well. He has already been clear once and for all that there is nothing that can avoid a war between the humans and the machines.

The script of the third movie (the Terminatrix travels back to the past to eliminate the lieutenants of John Connor) already gives us many occasions to move forward on different and new personages.

So a television series could be done, in which every week a Terminator travels back to the past to save one of the lieutenants of John Connor. During the episode, they could also show the impossible life after the nuclear war.

A teaspoon of action and a shovel full of social attendance and the wave of great successes like the 'Mass', the 'Equipment To' and, mainly, that great epic of Michael Landon titled 'Freeway towards the Sky'... is in grabs.

But in T3 the T101 (Arnold) has as many scenes of comedy as of action. It seems that the scriptwriters no longer can taken everything absolutely serious, after creating the Terminatrix (Kristianna Loken's script had hardly three phrases).

The scenes of action, including the before mentioned, are more and more similar to the fights between Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner, although some have indicated that everything would come well. That they were looked more like those of the 'Thing against the Mass'.

So I propose Terminator N: the soap opera.

In each episode, the humans of the Resistance try to commandeer a Terminator and send it to the past with the purpose of saving John Connor and/or of their lieutenants, killing science and militairy depots responsible for Skynet, etc. (with the added humor). The rest of the episode passes in the 'present', which saves in scenery and special effects.

Samples of possible chapters:

A Terminator travels to the past and by error kills John Connor. This is immediately know in the future so they commandeer a second Terminator to find out what has happened. Meanwhile the first Terminator tries to hide the body, and travels to the past to be with the 'same self' tyring to prevent its own error.

Due to an error, they send a Terminator only 30 minutes in the past. The whole episode passes in flashbacks, in which the try to find out which Terminator is which (the one that has to travel and the one that does), to be able to put it in the transportation machine and to avoid the temporary paradox. Meanwhile, the Terminators get involved in a fight to try to be the chosen one, destroying the timemachine and condemning the humans to get extinct.

One of science officers sends a Terminator to the past to order out for some pizza and one big chunk of marijuana, because he feels somewhat out of place whenever there is no fighting available against the machines. Arnold gets a pizza and the marijuana is aquired without any problems (although he devastates the entire restaurant without causing any victims). The problem is how to take a pizza back to the future. Its attempts to look for a timemachine in his current time, brings him to the scientists of Skynet and, without wanting it, it unleashes the nuclear war. Laughing.

Due to an error in the programming of the timemachine, a Terminator appears in Chicago. There he meets Kirk and Spock, who are able to convince him that it is not necessary to take part in the past, because it is against the Prime Directive. Arnold spends the next (say 70) years in a military base in the desert of Nevada, and in time reappears to face itself in the first Terminator film, a little like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, Part II.

etc etc etc

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