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“ Here some image from my Cyberdyne Cinemas Home Theater. ”

Darren Mortensen

Cyberdyne Cinemas Home Theater

Cyberdyne Cinemas Home Theater

Mon 16 Feb 2004 | 18h41 GMT+1

Terminator and movie fan Darren Mortensen has send us a link to a photogallery of his Cyberdyne Cinemas Home Theater.

It's cool to see how far someone can take the idea of building an home theater... and Darren has taken the next step towards perfection. What do you think about a personalised DVD with a Terminator inspired intro, a 60" Hitachi CRT projection television, a several meters high/wide seperate projection screen, surround sound to the max, special corners with snack and memorabilia, couches and chairs for easy comfort, special framed posters, custom shelves, superb lighting and lots of outer technical goodies most of us only dream of.

Go take a look at Darren's wonderfull custom made Cinema
... Terminator style!

Click top link for gallery website!

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