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“ To really play up the 'Man verses Machine' vibe, we decided to use synthesizer loops and drum machines in the verses ”

Blue Man Group explains

Blue Man Group about The Current

Wed 11 Feb 2004 | 16h40 GMT+1

We found a page with the Blue Man Group talking about every track of their album "The Complex". Since the song "The Current" of that album was used for Terminator 3, we thought it was interested to publish their thoughts about the song in this article. Ever wanted to know the meaning of the song, then check it out.

Their comments on The Current

"This song takes place in the subterranean portion of the urban complex. It's the place where all the phone lines, electrical wires, and Internet connections snake out of sight to their destinations. We wanted to capture the modern paradox of having access to millions of people through electrical current but still being cut off from any real human contact."

"It's also about getting stuck in a pattern, becoming a slave to one's job or perhaps more specifically, a slave to technology. Musically, we wanted to express the kind of quiet rage that can build up over time when people feel trapped, alone and unable to control their own destiny. To really play up the "Man verses Machine" vibe, we decided to use synthesizer loops and drum machines in the verses. Real drums and guitars interrupt for a moment but then get sucked away and it's back to the cold, mechanistic sounds. At the chorus, when the protagonist fantasizes about getting away, the guitars and drums finally explode and become the dominant force. But again, it doesn't last. They never quite break free. The song ends with the machines back in charge."

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