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“ Normally we do not advertise for people selling stuff on on-line auctions... but this item was just WAY TO COOL! ”

You should check it out!

Endo replica for sale

Cool 1:1 Endo Replica (for sale)

Thu 5 Feb 2004 | 18h33 GMT+1

TF remark

This is a fan-made prop and NOT a licenced product. If you are interested in an officially replica, contact Cyberdyne Replicas

Life-Size Terminator Endoskeleton 1:1 Scale Prop/Replica

Why buy just an EndoSkull or an EndoArm that everyone has for $400+ each when you can now afford to be one of the few to own a 1:1 scale Life-Size EndoSkeleton?

This Life Size Replica stands 6'2" tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds. He is made of various plastic components and adds quite an intimidating presence to any room or home theater. This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of history. A life-size replica of one of the greatest movie charactors of all time. Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the govenor of California, Arnold and Terminator collectibles have become more popular than ever before!

Although this replica was not cast from the original molds, it is a creative and impressive alternative to spending $8,000 on a licensed replica or up to $25,000 if you are able to track down one of the original Icons replica's. This prop will stand on it's own up against a wall or in a corner. I have plans to build a stand that would have a steel base and lights that shine up on the prop if anyone would like to have that done. Some people would rather create their own, and that it fine too. I will throw in a Fan-Made Endo-Rifle with this auction as well at no extra charge.

This item will ship in 2 large boxes. The prop attaches at the waist with 2 bolts and goes together quite easily. This item is currently wrapped up and ready to ship out as soon as the auction is over. I was going to make a few inexpensive improvements to this prop such as a chrome repaint ($50 at auto body shop) and add red l.e.d's to the eyes ($20 at Radio Shack) but we have a new baby in the house and I just don't have the time or space anymore. Prop is currently painted in a metallic silver primer and will most likely need a few quick touch-ups in a few areas after shipping.

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