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“ Cameron is getting back behind the camera for a new SF adventure! ”

What grand things are coming?

Cameron's comeback

Fri 23 Jan 2004 | 10h07 GMT+1

AICN reports on the return of Cameron in another Science Fiction movie. Cameron (whos colossal hits include The Terminator, True Lies and T2: Judgment Day) is ready for a comeback...

After a Arclight screening of T2 he has 'announced' he's getting back behind the camera for a new SF adventure. While he wouldn't reveal specifics, Cameron said "Expect it to be a big-budget science-fiction film loaded with special effects."

Appearently 'The Lord of The Rings' trilogy helped inspire him to make another movie.

Cameron said he'd use the same 3-D reality camera system that shot his IMAX documentary about the Titanic. The last film shot by Cameron was the six year ago Titanic.

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