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“ Anyway, I used a combination of Brad Fiedel's T2 version of "THE TERMINATOR THEME" and Marco Beltrami's version for T3 ”

Trailer rehash

Trailer Realm

Sun 28 Dec 2003 | 00h30 GMT+1

Roaming the net for stuff to include into the site, we stumbled onto Michalak's Trailer Realm, filled with trailers like he thinks they should look like.

Though we've seen some better work available by other Terminator fans, it's still worth mentioning the site to all the people. AND... there are offcourse Terminator related trailers available.

Due to the type of font the page is in, below is a description of why he changed the trailers for T2 and T3... with direct links to the pages involved.

T2 Trailer

T2: Judgment Day (Full trailer)

"I started & completed this project in just one, long night. After doing the "SLEEPY HOLLOW" teaser, I felt I just had to use my OTHER favorite track from the "DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH" album... "THE SENTINEL". The immediate thought of doing a T2 trailer was there. Though, a slightly unique approach. I was to include a quick recap of the original film to build up the T-800 as the force of evil, and then, reveal him in T2 with the line "Come with me if you want to live." Nice dramatic build up, and I had to implement the use of my old Adobe Premiere 5.1 to create the fade in / dissolve effect for that shot.

Also, in order to match the 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio of "THE TERMINATOR", I could only use clips from the T2 trailers (found on "THE ULTIMATE EDITION" DVD) because T2 was filmed in 2.35:1 aspect ratio (my personal favorite, me & John Carpenter).

Now, I don't have the soundtrack for the original "TERMINATOR" (not for a lack of trying, mind you), and so, I simply captured the opening title sequence for the original film, and then extracted the audio from it. And thus, the appearance of the original "TERMINATOR THEME" in this trailer. The T2 soundtrack I do have, and so, no problems there.

The "DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH" album has GOT to be my favorite from Judas Priest. Lots of awesome, amazing songs there, but the original "TERMINATOR" is STILL my favorite of the series. But this pairing was just too good for me to pass up, and I think you'll agree.

T3 Trailer

T3: Rise of the Machines (Full trailer)

I didn't like TERMINATOR 3 when I first saw it, but then, I went back to the theatre the following Saturday and saw it again. I liked it more, considerably more, but it's still #3 on my list for the series (the original "TERMINATOR" is still my favorite of the franchise). So, I chose to put together my own trailer because I didn't find one trailer for the film to be 100% satisfactory. So, I chose to take MOST of the first half of the international trailer. I switched out the Columbia logo for the Warners logo, and I replaced all the shots in between the second shot of the T-X and Arnold appearing from the temporal displacement field. Then, the second half is all my compiled work. I edited clips from the Super Bowl commercial, the first domestic trailer, and the international trailer. The screen resolution for the "high res" final U.S. trailer was too far off to alter it without significant distortion or significant cropping.

Anyway, I used a combination of Brad Fiedel's T2 version of "THE TERMINATOR THEME" and Marco Beltrami's version for T3. No sound effects are present in the second half of the trailer because I hadn't yet come to the idea of editing all of them out of the official trailers for use in mine (see my T2 trailer comments for more on this). But still, the video & music editing is still very good. It isn't perfect, but I think it's the best trailer I've seen for "TERMINATOR 3" (including fan trailers).

I'm certain there will be a fourth TERMINATOR film, and you can almost bet that I'll try my hand at a trailer for that one as well. Until then, enjoy my trailers for TERMINATOR 2 and TERMINATOR 3.

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