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“ Over all, everything included, it's about 88% complete as of October 5th, 2003. ”

Gavdin signing out

Terminator 2030: War Against the Machines

Wed 10 Dec 2003 | 18h52 GMT+1

Is now the 'Official' title of the proposed Miniatures game...!

This is my final entry for a while, until I get my website for it all up and running in mid-November, and the playtest and game book completed in early December.

C2 Pictures, Intermedia Entertainment, and Warner Bros. has my game concept idea(s), and they've supposedly been checking it out- I've heard nothing back on it as of yet for a couple of weeks now. I believe they're waiting for a hard copy of the game to really take a serious look at it.

As far as the game design itself goes, the rules book is 1/3 done. It is done into several easy to read sections. So far, these include three cover variations, an introduction (to miniatures gaming in the Terminator future-war genre), a table of contents, a super-detailed Terminator timeline (including the movies themselves, novels, comics, and video games), a game terminology section, Basic Rules, optional Advanced Rules, Skynet Forces troops list and points cost (including vehicles), Human Resistance troops list and points cost (including vehicles), ComTech Rangers troops list and points cost (including vehicles), a sample game in detail with example troop rosters, several detailed scenarios to play out, a sample miniatures photo section, notes on how to play each force type with maximum effectiveness, acknowledgements, quick reference game sheets/cards, blank rosters, and a cross-referenced rule book index. Color photos from the playtest game(s) and the movies adorn nearly every page.

As far as the figures and models go, about 40 terminators of six types, and 20 ComTech and Human Resistance troops with various weapons and the three different types of armor are done. My Skynet forces have five different vehicles to choose from (eg. Aerial H-K, Patrol HK, massive Tank H-K, etc.), and the Human Resistance and ComTech Rangers have about ten vehicles to choose from (eg. Gun Jeeps, Mobile Command Truck, Missile Trucks, Escape Cars, APC Trucks, etc.). All in all, there are about 23 vehicles prepped and ready for the playtest scenarios. On a related note, the dioramic terrain is almost done- a 2" by 4" ruined nuked city section in 28mm to 30mm that's really coming along nicely. Everything is done in approximately 28mm/30mm/HO scale.

The figures for the game so far are a mixed-mash of about 70% old Leading Edge figures from circa 1995, 20% Star Grunt figures from circa 1989, and a few more from old games like Star Force, Space Commando, and a couple of other really obscure out-of-print miniatures companies. Several are also kit-bashed and original figures created especially for this game. The Aerial H-K and massive Tank H-K are Horizon/Monsters in Motion kits, seriously converted Hasbro, Tamiya, China Toys, and literally kid's army playset 28mm to 30mm vehicles, all to scale, and looking post-nuke-war utilitarian and heavily weathered.

The terrain board is nearly 100% original, with some HO scale light poles, barrels, burned out cars and trucks, a nuke-blasted factory, the "burnt kid's playground" from T2, and piles of skulls, chunks of buildings, blasted walls and pipes/girders, bent fences, and debris everywhere. The battlefield dioramic is very movie oriented for realism, created to simulate a section of city that was about five to ten miles from a nuke's ground zero blast epicenter, and made to facilitate rough vehicle movement and maximum troop tactics.

As of right now, I'm finishing up the terrain and a couple of last minute figures, rewording and simplifying the rules, editing the scenarios package, and prepping for the miniatures and model photo shoots and playtest, and gathering movie images from all over the place. I was actually very happy to find out that the information on this massive project has been uploaded to several online Terminator websites via several kewl sources/people, and that I'm getting some great responses to it all. Over all, everything included, it's about 88% complete as of October 5th, 2003.

I need a more direct and efficient communications access to C2 Pictures, Intermedia Entertainment, Warner Brothers, and any other website, physical addresses, and e-addresses to the "right folks" to send the completed project rulesbook to. See, the final product will inevitably, hopefully generate a whole new line of miniatures, vehicles, terrain pieces, and such, once accepted. I'm talking about revitalizing and creating a completely new miniatures game line here that would sell like crazy, IF the right people contract and subcontract for it all. "No fate but what WE make..."

Stay tuned for more updates as they come along. Thanks for reading and keeping up with it all. Feedback is always welcome, especially on the T3 Website, Games forum.

Mission progressing ahead of schedule: ComTech Ranger 2112, Sergeant Gavdin signing out.

News send in by: Gavdin/TDM "Cyberdyne Systems T-850, Model 110"

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